The Yahoo Phone: Not Quite But Yahoo Wants Apple To Give It Some Hefty iOS Support

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The Yahoo Phone: Not Quite But Yahoo Wants Apple To Give It Some Hefty iOS Support

HTC recently supported Facebook so much that they created a phone that includes Facebook Home as the default interface. Yahoo is sort of looking for similar support from Apple on their iPhone and iPad

It’s quite obvious, Yahoo needs help. In the 1990′s they were the talk of the world. They were right up there, and actually beyond, Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos and others. In 2000 and beyond though it seems as though Yahoo has struggled to even be remembered at times.

Search Engine Rankings 2013

When you rank just above Ask (Jeeves) and AOL, you know you’re not far away from despair. They do deserve some credit though. Out of all the other search engines mentioned above, Yahoo is the only one that still remains a name of any significance. Marissa Meyer, a one time Google exec, came to Yahoo to make changes and try to turn things around. A lot of changes have been made at Yahoo, but things can’t exactly be said to have turned around yet. Marissa seems to be a very determined individual though and that is at least one of the things Yahoo needs.

In a recent article here entitled, “Facebook Home: No Matter How You Look At It, The Facebook Phone Is Actually Here”, Facebook announced their latest set of apps that will turn Android phones into Facebook-centric devices. HTC is even coming out with an HTC One that has Facebook Home as its default interface. It seems as though Yahoo has taken note of Facebook’s latest efforts and may be trying to gain more exposure by creating a likewise mobile experience for a particular group of users.

According to Barron’s, “Yahoo! (YHOO) has been in talks with Apple (AAPL) about how to increase use of Yahoo!’s applications and services on the iPhone”

We can suppose since Facebook has chosen to only provide Facebook Home for Android users at the moment, which means that they’ve completely overlooked Apple users as potential customers for Facebook Home at the moment. This also means that Yahoo is working with Apple at a very opportune time. Opportune perhaps at least for Yahoo. If Apple were to accept such an offer from Yahoo and thus replace Google for search results in iOS, it could cause a huge problem, considering Google search results have been overwhelmingly preferred to Yahoo’s over the years.


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