I’m Watch: A SmartWatch That Connects You To Bluetooth, SMS, Social Media

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The Italians have never been known for their production of smartphones though, but a company from Italy is bypassing the smartphone focus and making a smartwatch that may one day be an entire smartphone alternative.

The Italians are known for many things, clothing and watches just to name two. In fact when it comes to watches, Panerai and Bvlgari are two names known internationally for their construction and beauty. There’s a new Italian watch maker that may one day be added to Italy’s fame, but their smartwatches do much more than just tell time. Their current 18k gold, $17316.00 (13,000 Euro) smartwatch can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, bring you phone calls, connects to social media, receives SMS, e-mails and more.

One of the world’s first smartwatches (a watch capable of many smartphone functions) is gaining more and more appeal as the company making it, i’m SpA, shows true diligence in not only designing their first smartwatch and debuting it a year ago, but now this year even continues its production with more options, and an updated OS.

The I’m Watch has:
400-MHz CPU
128MB of RAM
4GB of storage
1.5-inch, 240 x 240-pixel screen
And runs an operating system is calls the Droid 2 (a report has it that it’s a specially designed version of Android 1.6)

Don’t expect to head to the Google Play store and download your favorite Android apps because they’re not going to work. Droid 2 is made specifically for this watch, and there’s an “i’market” app store they’ve created and one of the founders says they have 1,000 or so developers. As it comes stock though, the i’m Watch does have some nice features though that are very Android like.

Turning on the watch sends you to the Home screen which has the time, weather and three main feature icons: phone dialer, email and address book.

The system takes on it Android feature set most when you begin swiping. Swipe from the top-down and you get options to turn audio on and off and other setting features. Swipe to the right and you get your Droid 2 apps which include i’music, i’mages”, and also some nice social media tools such as a Facebook and Twitter reader.

There’s a lot of positive things to be said about i’m Watch which currently costs just under $400, but there have been reports that call quality is lacking and there have been some Bluetooth connection issues. This latest concept is surely taking off though and will undoubtedly be a device we’ll see more of in the future.

Visit i’m Watch for more details.

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