Vote for Your Favorite Internet-to-Technology Picks at the ‘2012 Crunchies’

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Vote for Your Favorite Internet to Technology Pick at the “2012 Crunchies.”

Hollywood toasts its finest with the Oscars® and television celebrates its finest at the Emmys®. Yet the best in Internet and technology online creativity and ingenuity will premiere at “The 2012 Crunchies,” in San Francisco, California, in January 2013.

Created as an answer to the “who’s who” and “what’s new” in tech and Web, “the Crunchies takes a gander at the creativity behind the masterminds of the start-ups, tech and media innovations of today and tomorrow – with a spin on award wins. The Crunchies is a collection of awards that celebrate the techno-sphere of Internet culture and global trends in enterprise that are voted on by an entire Internet community.

The passion-child of media and technology website TechCrunch, The Crunchies is referenced as an “influential technology awards ceremony” brought to life by the online voting politic: a politic that maintains complete control of the results until the latest visionary is revealed as the victor.

TechCrunch salutes all entrants to its awards competition with an open consideration perspective stating, “… all companies and products are eligible for consideration based on their business accomplishments made during calendar 2012.” The exception to its rules denotes specific categories descriptions, such as “best new start-up launched,” however, all companies are encouraged to enter into the competition, and “No companies are restricted from consideration,” TechCrunch concludes. Nominations for Crunchies favorites may include more than one award entry per category, and “companies may win multiple awards,” TechCrunch states; with zero fees required from voter choices for their favorites to win.

Crunchies 2011 entrants competed for all-or-nothing in a wide selection of categories. Google+ edged out Instagram for a Crunchies “Best Social Application” win last year; while social note-making website Pinterest outstretched past Codecademy as the “Best New Startup of 2011.”

Countless tech, Web and social-destination sites will join the growing annual competition, soon to take place at its latest installment, “The 6th Annual Crunchies Awards.” The awards ceremony will glimmer on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco and is slated to begin at 7:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time and co-hosted by GigaOm and VentureBeat and followed by an after-party. TechCrunch notes that party admission is included with the purchase of an “Awards Ceremony ticket.” Press may obtain information about participation and press passes by a  fill-in form, and after-party and awards sponsorships may be queried by Internet mail. Nominations for the Crunchies run November 1st, 2012, through December 6th, 2012.

GigaOm is an online media and network destination sharing emerging technology and media news across media, transmedia and social discovery channels. GigaOm lends its in-depth research and market analysis of tech culture and memes to the Crunchies 2012 event, along with VentureBeat, an online source accompaniment to small business and enterprise developments, with keen trending in Cloud, clean technology, and new tech.

“This award show is about the tech community, and we’re honored to have you as our readers,” shares TechCrunch from its website; and welcomes all destinations global to “celebrate the best of tech 2012.”Make your bid for the 2012 Crunchies, and vote for your favorite in technology, discovery, E-commerce, mobile, “Sexiest Enterprise Start-up,” and more, at the TechCrunch nominate page.

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