Ubuntu for Smartphone Developments: Q1 2013

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The Ubuntu smartphone is still in development but certainly on its way. There are constant developments going on and some of the latest information is encouraging about the future of open source smartphones, and at the same time the project is wanting in some areas as well though.

Canonical’s Market Assertiveness Is A Company Asset

As an organization, Canonical has never been shy. From taking a Debian based Linux system that had little exposure outside the Linux community itself, and turning it into their own Ubuntu Linux distribution that is now perhaps the world’s most well-known Linux distribution ever created. Canonical has proven that they not only have the talent to make things happen, but the the resources needed to market their products in a big way as well. Something Linux has been in need of for quite some time now

Canonical’s Ubuntu Smartphone

Canonical is now entering the smartphone market and we’ve been covering some of just what has been transpiring as they move along month-by-month to the launch. In fact, when it comes to mobile projects such as this, it’s really what matters most to Canoncial in 2013.

Canonical seems to express no worry about the upcoming expectations they have to compete with iOS and Android. Here again, even in the smartphone market, Canonical seems prepared to do it all, but not only do they do intend to do all that the competition does with their smartphones, but they have far greater plans to do even more with Ubuntu Smartphone.

Richard Collins is Canonical’s product manage for the mobile division and has recently made some statements that tell us a bit about the philosophy behind the the Ubuntu smartphone design and Canonical’s plans to further it once it hits the market. Richard said, “We adopted Unity as our own UI framework because we wanted more control over the design and felt that Ubuntu would be relevant for a number of different device types”. “Our target is to have full compatibility for applications across the desktop, smartphone, TV and tablet by version 14.04″.

Canonical is currently working on releasing 13.04.

Ubuntu Smartphone Apps Will Initially Be Limited In Number

One of the downsides to the Ubunutu Smartphone is also strongly attached to what is actually a benefit. Canonical is completely relying on what seems to be an organically grown development community. At least thus far they haven’t attempted to push any gimmicky attempts to get developers to write for them. Those with desire are free to come and write what they please.

Richard Collins has also said that Canonical doesn’t intend to have an app store initially but will only focus on users who can deal with only having 12 pre-installed apps initially:

File Manager
Document Viewer

You may have notice “terminal” as one of the initial apps. You heard correct. Ubutnu for Smartphones will even give somewhat of a true Linux environment to the user.

Ubuntu Smartphone – Truly Open Source

At the same time though, it appears as that Ubuntu for Smartphones is truly going to be an open source project, as the apps mentioned above will even be slated to be community designed. In other words, Canonical is reaching out and allowing people anywhere to contribute their ideas and ap designs even for the pre-installed apps.

The concept is brilliant, and actually something Canonical has been doing for quite some time although relying on free designs to build up your company can be looked at with reproach if taken too far. No matter what though, Canonical has a great mobile project on the way and it’s one that will surely b gathering some attention down the road.

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