Twitter And Social TV For Brands: The Beginning Of The Future

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Bluefin Signals Brand Edition is a software product that allows advertisers to measure social media performance of TV ad campaigns and is one of the many products that fits very nicely into Twitters Social TV For Brands type venture.

Bluefin was founded in 2008 and has now been acquired by Twitter in 2013. Although the details on Twitters paying price haven’t been released BI has it at approx. $800M.

The Bluefin website currently has a question for big name brand owners. “How do you measure up in social TV? If you’re CBS, Animal Planets, NBC, PBS or others, Bluefin actually has the answer for you.

Bluefin Signals: Social TV for Brands

The information provided above is almost invaluable to big brand companies theses days. The time when social media was in its infancy has past. A time when What people now think and say about a companies brand within their social circle can mean the difference between knowing what is causing your product to fail, and finding out what is needed for making it a complete success, and Bluefin is one of those rare companies that has all it takes to give you what you need to know.

It’s fairly evident why Twitter is interested in Bluefin. Bluefin offers social TV analytics and Twitter surely wants television and cable operators knocking down the doors of the micro-blogging service to find out what’s going on within Twitter. Think of it as a Twitter social graph, but for the big boys in the media industry.

Twitter hasn’t officially announced their concept plans for Bluefin, but of with an estimated 800M purchase price, the largest Twitter has ever made, the previous largest only being 40M, more than likely they have revenue generation in mind to regain the investment.

Twitter recently also got involved with Nielsen to make the first social TV rating system. Something touched on in a December we did called, “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating System: Measuring TV Conversation On Twitter”. Between the deal with Nielsen which monitors the number of tweets programs receive and the latest Bluefin purchase, Twitter has set themselves up very nicely in what is a definite lead in what has become a first of its kind, ‘social TV’ sector.

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