Twitter Joins Forces With Connect Ads To Promote Advertising In The Middle East And North Africa

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Not long ago Twitter announced their expansion of a physical presence in to Brazil. Today they acknowledge their launching of advertising services for the Middle East

Twitter has officially begun marketing its advertising services to customers in the Middle East, including portions of Northern Africa, collectively known as MENA. The 140 character social networking service has seen a swell of users over the past year in the Middle East, as they have internationally in countries such as Brazil. Twitter is now looking to take advantage of the fast growth situation and further grow advertising markets in the region. A company in Cairo called Connect Ads will work with Twitter to help it succeed in the Middle East where the sale of advertising of products and services differs a bit from other regions. The cost of the project and future sales projections for ad sales haven’t been revealed thus far, and it is known that advertising stats in social media are still a bit lacking these days as the regions conservatively adopt social media trends.

Of the now 200 million users or so on the Twitter network, Twitter has not given even an estimate as to how many people in the Middle East make up that 200 million figure, though some believe Twitter use in the region has at least tripled over recent months. From a social networking perspective, North African and the Middle East are extremely important locations for Twitter as news of current events usually travels very fast over the Twitter network when events occur in the areas.

A Dubai research company was recently reported as saying that digital advertising accounted for 4% of total advertising spending in 2011 for the MENA regions. An American accounting firm, Deloitte-Touche, also added that says digital advertising spending in the MENA area is expected to grow 35% annually over the next 3 years and account for nearly $600 million in ad sales by 2015.

The launch of the latest MENA ad services from Twitter comes at a time when Twitter is now estimated to be worth $9 billion and growing.

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