The Chinese and Apple: Tim Cook The Apple Apologetic

in Apple | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 01.04.2013
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The Chinese and Apple

Tim Cook takes to the net again to offer another Apple apology. This time for the mistreatment of customers in China.

Earlier this year, Tim Cook went public giving a public apology for the poor development of iOS maps and the affect it had on Apple customers. A couple of weeks ago in a news blog entitled, “China Isn’t Happy With Apple And Make Their Own iPhone” another issue arose between Apple and an entire country this time as the Chinese reported in an “investigative consumer television program shown on China’s government run China Central Television (CCTV), Apple was accused of creating double standard warranties.

According to Xinhauanet, a Chinese new organization, The Chinese Consumer”s Association “unveiled a report detailing that complaints about after-sale service account for 25.6 percent of the total 2,170 complaints it has received about Apple products, seven percentage points higher than the averaged data for the home appliance sector.” USA Today adds that, “The attacks on Apple center on complaints over Apple’s repair policies in China – specifically its practice of only replacing faulty parts rather than providing new iPhones, as it does in other markets.”

If you’re not familiar with apologetics (a·pol·o·get·ics Noun (plural) /əˌpäləˈjetiks/), by definition it’s the reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine. Well, with the following that Apple has it could surely be said that Apple approaches the popularity of at least a cult, and their leader (Tim Cook) has become quite the apologetic for the group.

On Monday, Tim Cook apologized to Chinese citizens and said that Apple is going to make sure to give them better warranty and repair policies.

In an Apple blog constructed for the Chinese people, Tim Cook has his name attached to a writing that says:

In the past two weeks, we have received a lot of feedback about Apple in China repair and warranty policy. We are not only a profound reflection on these views, together with relevant departments to carefully study the “Three Guarantees”, and also look at our maintenance policy communication and combing our management specifications of Apple Authorized Service Provider. We are aware that, due to the lack of external communication in this process and lead to the speculation that Apple arrogance, do not care or do not attach importance to consumer feedback. We express our sincere apologies for any concerns or misunderstandings this gives consumers.

According to Xinhauanet, the CCA also asked Apple to “sincerely apologize to Chinese consumers” and “thoroughly correct its problems,” after the U.S. firm took little action to address waves of criticism.”” So the apology can’t exactly be considered a completely voluntary-non-solicited one.

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