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Yahoo! Scrounges up New Search-Engine Deal with Facebook

on Advertising, Digital, Enterprise, Facebook, Google, Media, Search Engines, Social, Yahoo | by Dante | 0 19.11.2012

The Internet’s first search discovery tool that produced near ‘magical’ search results is often credited to Yahoo!. Since the search medium’s emergence onto the global marketplace of the Web, the SE has tilted off…

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Defrag 2012 Pairs Social Media and Enterprise with ‘What’s Coming Next’ in Technology

on App, Cloud Computing, Digital, Enterprise, Media, Mobile, multimedia, Networking, Social Media | by Dante | 0 02.11.2012

Defrag 2012 pairs social media and enterprise with “what’s coming next” in its conference this month. Christened five years ago as an explorative forum to discuss and observe the confluxes of Web information and…

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Facebook Places New Rules on Developer Notifications

on App, Facebook, Media, multimedia, Networking, Social, Social Media | by Dante | 1 28.10.2012

Facebook is placing new rules on developer notifications by adding limits on inactive users and high-volume notification users. Facebook, Inc. has started to report the data users generate following an introductory test it rolled…

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Facebook Reports Active Users Top 1 Billion: ‘An Increase of 26% from September 2011’

on Enterprise, Facebook, Media, multimedia, Social Media | by Dante | 0 26.10.2012

Facebook‘s monthly active users topped 1 billion in September 2012. The social network massed a data-crunch of user activities from its analytical cyber-pool, determined by a latest quarterly. “As of September 30, 2012, we had 1.01 billion MAUs,…

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Facebook Stops Supporting Questions

on Facebook, Search Engines, Social, Social Media | by Saroj | 0 23.10.2012

The world’s largest social network Facebook will stop supporting the “Questions” on the pages of users, but leave the possibility of its use in the groups and the public pages of companies and brands….

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