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Google+ Hangouts: Becoming A Social Norm For Politics & And A First Go In United States Congressional Hearings

on Google+, Social | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 05.12.2012

More and more politicians are using social media to leverage the power of social media, get further into the public eye, and develop trust & credibility. A Google+ Hangout is enables groups of people…

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Google Plus Extends Hangout Limit to 15 for Businesses, Governments and Schools

on Google Mobile, Google+, Social, Social Media | by Saroj | 0 24.11.2012

Google announced that Google+ is now offering its Hangouts to 15 people in a business, government or school using Google Apps with Google+. Google+ Hangouts in particular make it easy to hold face-to-face meetings…

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Social Media Creates Business Value: IBM Study

on Facebook, Google+, linkedin, Skype, Social, Social Media, Twitter | by Saroj | 0 22.11.2012

IBM issued a report that found while most companies are adopting social media, many are struggling to figure out social media plans. For the report, “The Business of Social Business: What Works and How…

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Vote for Your Favorite Internet-to-Technology Picks at the ‘2012 Crunchies’

on Advertising, Cloud Computing, Digital, Enterprise, Entertainment, gaming, Media, multimedia, Networking, Social, Social Media | by Dante | 0 14.11.2012

Hollywood toasts its finest with the Oscars® and television celebrates its finest at the Emmys®. Yet the best in Internet and technology online creativity and ingenuity will premiere at “The 2012 Crunchies,” in San…

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Social Media Sees Low Adoption in Enterprises – PwC Report

on Enterprise, Facebook, Google+, linkedin, Mobile, Smartphones, Social, Social Media, Twitter | by Saroj | 0 11.11.2012

Mobility and social media platforms are changing the way companies do business. However, when it comes to adoption of these technologies, companies are slow to capitalize on it, according to a recent report by…

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