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Facebook Reports Active Users Top 1 Billion: ‘An Increase of 26% from September 2011’

on Enterprise, Facebook, Media, multimedia, Social Media | by Dante | 0 26.10.2012

Facebook‘s monthly active users topped 1 billion in September 2012. The social network massed a data-crunch of user activities from its analytical cyber-pool, determined by a latest quarterly. “As of September 30, 2012, we had 1.01 billion MAUs,…

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Olympian Lance Armstrong Stripped of Tour de France Titles

on Social, Social Media, Television, Twitter | by Dante | 0 23.10.2012

Social media and social network channels experienced an SMM uptick when world-class athlete Lance Armstrong announced his departure from LIVESTRONG.   Geneva, Switzerland – The seven-time Tour de France record holder and Olympian shared…

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YouTube Adds Time-Watched Reporting to YouTube Analytics

on Advertising, Enterprise, Media, multimedia, Networking, Social, YouTube | by Dante | 0 14.10.2012

YouTube has added time-watched reporting to YouTube Analytics to increase channel views. On October 11, 2012, YouTube introduced a new report queue sourcing additional tools to improve the viral potency of video content. The changes may…

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StumbleUpon “Reimagines” Itself with iOS App and StumbleUponDNA

on Apple, iOS, iPhone 5, Media, Mobile, multimedia, Networking, Social | by Dante | 0 28.09.2012

September 24, 2012 — StumbleUpon anted its social media and social network-themed channel with an improved site and site-content redesign. Implemented with user-friendly organizational tools, StumbleUpon plans to influence how its members share and…

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SMX Conference –– The Search Marketing Expo East 2012

on Advertising, Google, Media, Mobile, multimedia, Search Engines | by Dante | 0 24.09.2012

  SMX Conference: Search Marketing Expo East 2012 opens its social interactive stage to in-house social media strategists this fall. Hosted in New York, the conference will queue networking practices for attendees and social…

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