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Tizen 2.0 “Magnolia” Is Released As Samsung Plans A Tizen Phone This 2013

on Mobile, Samsung, Tizen | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 23.02.2013

Can Tizen really make a successful move into the mobile marketplace? Tizen is a Linux based OS made for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (but not limited to such). Tizen 2.0 Magnolia…

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Nokia Is Now To Microsoft, As Samsung Is To Google

on Mobile, Nokia, Windows Phone 8 | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 18.02.2013

If it weren’t for Samsung, where would Google Android be? And if it weren’t for Nokia, Microsoft probably doesn’t want to even imagine where they would be, right now. Then again, Nokia probably wouldn’t…

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The Top North American Smartphone Platforms And OEMs Entering 2013

on Android, Mobile, Smartphones | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 08.02.2013

Apple, Samsung, HTC battle it out, but one is clearly leading the pack ComScore released their latest Q4 2012 smartphone market report this week listing the Top Smartphone Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Top…

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Chromebook Use Doubles In the Educational Sector And Begins Soaring In The Private Sector As Well

on Chromebook, Google, Mobile | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 04.02.2013

Google’s Chromebook begins gaining its share of popularity. Three months ago Google reported that approximately 1,000 schools were using Chromebooks. Near the end of 2012, Google began offering Chromebooks to schools for 75% off,…

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The Mobile War: Apple Down, Samsung Up

on Apple, Mobile, Samsung | by Jon-Paul Raymond | Comments Off 28.01.2013

Samsung has put a leak in Apple’s hull as their profit margins spewed another 12% decrease and the next generation Samsung Galaxy S IV may do an equal amount of damage to Apple again…

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