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Digital Turbine IQ: An Android Search Interface Overlay Specializing in Multimedia Makes Its Way To Sun Cellular

on Android, Mobile | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 02.01.2013

In 2011, Boost Austrailia added a new layer of interactive software called Digital Turbine to some of their Android phones. The latest Digital Turbines IQ has now reached one of the top two cellular…

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Vote for Your Favorite Internet-to-Technology Picks at the ‘2012 Crunchies’

on Advertising, Cloud Computing, Digital, Enterprise, Entertainment, gaming, Media, multimedia, Networking, Social, Social Media | by Dante | 0 14.11.2012

Hollywood toasts its finest with the Oscars® and television celebrates its finest at the Emmys®. Yet the best in Internet and technology online creativity and ingenuity will premiere at “The 2012 Crunchies,” in San…

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Defrag 2012 Pairs Social Media and Enterprise with ‘What’s Coming Next’ in Technology

on App, Cloud Computing, Digital, Enterprise, Media, Mobile, multimedia, Networking, Social Media | by Dante | 0 02.11.2012

Defrag 2012 pairs social media and enterprise with “what’s coming next” in its conference this month. Christened five years ago as an explorative forum to discuss and observe the confluxes of Web information and…

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Apple Announces Changes to Its Hardware, Software & Services amidst a Corporate Reshuffle

on App, Apple, iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, Media, Mobile, multimedia, Tablet | by Dante | 0 31.10.2012

The world of cyber technology may soon see cyber communities tilt on their axles, courtesy of Apple Inc. The desktop, media and multimedia computer and mobile device innovator is changing up its hardware, software…

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Facebook Reports Active Users Top 1 Billion: ‘An Increase of 26% from September 2011’

on Enterprise, Facebook, Media, multimedia, Social Media | by Dante | 0 26.10.2012

Facebook‘s monthly active users topped 1 billion in September 2012. The social network massed a data-crunch of user activities from its analytical cyber-pool, determined by a latest quarterly. “As of September 30, 2012, we had 1.01 billion MAUs,…

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