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Global Hacking Attempts to Surpass One Billion in 2012’s Q4

on Hacker, Linux, Mac OS, malware, Microsoft Windows, Operating Systems, security, virus | by Saroj | 0 25.11.2012

If you ever wonder why there is no major breaking news on hacking of popular websites, government agencies, IT firms, think of this:  For the first time ever, hacking attempts across the globe will…

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Vupen Discovers Critical Multiple Vulnerabilities in Windows 8 and IE 10

on Hacker, Internet Explorer, malware, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 8, Operating Systems, security | by Saroj | 0 09.11.2012

Last week, Vupen, a French company specializing in finding vulnerabilities in software from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and Oracle, published a tweet in which it put the sale of the first zero-day vulnerability in Windows…

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Guy Fawkes Day: PayPal, VMware and Symantec Systems Hacked

on Hacker, malware, security, virus | by Saroj | 0 07.11.2012

Several hackers, some of which are associated with Anonymous, have claimed to have hacked several sites, including PayPal, Symantec, VMware and ImageShack and others and promise further action. November 5 has been proclaimed by…

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Microsoft is Not in the Top 10 List of Vulnerabilities

on Apple | by Saroj | 0 04.11.2012

Those who have experienced the heyday of the war between Microsoft and Apple remember that the Cupertino, Calif., company has always had and maintained a reputation for offering more secure software than its competitor…

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Here Comes One of the First Malware Programs for Windows 8

on Hacker, malware, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 8, Operating Systems | by Saroj | 0 03.11.2012

The Windows 8 operating system was officially launched on Friday, Oct 26, and, a few days after, the first fake antivirus for the new operating system has begun to circulate on the Internet, raising…

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