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Mobile Security Threats up by Two Times from Past Quarter: McAfee

on Android, Android Market Place, Apple, Google Mobile, iOS, iOS6, Mac OS, malware, Microsoft Windows, Mobile, Nokia, Operating Systems, Smartphones, Surface, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8 | by Saroj | 0 21.11.2012

McAfee has released the McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2012, which tells how cyber threats have evolved during the quarter, as well as the global evolution of cyber exploits. In addition to statistics and…

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Tizen: Just What If Samsung Changed The Mobile World – Again?

on Android, Apple, Galaxy, Mobile, Samsung, Smartphones, Tizen | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 1 18.11.2012

Recently, a report by the Gartner Group made it clear that Samsung is the major player in Android product sales. So much so that the report actually leads with a caption that says, “Samsung…

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Apple and HTC Decide to End Patent War

on Android, Apple, iOS, iOS6, Mobile | by Saroj | 0 13.11.2012

Apple and HTC have decided to stop their patent war by signing an agreement to settle all their outstanding disputes. The two firms also signed a 10-year license agreement that will extend to current…

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Samsung SAFE Program to Ditch RIM Enterprise Business

on Android, Enterprise, Galaxy, Galaxy SIII, Mobile, Mobile PC's, Samsung, security, Smartphones | by Saroj | 0 08.11.2012

Samsung doesn’t want to stop after selling 30 million Galaxy S3 and 3 million Galaxy Note 2 smartphones. The company seeks to expand further into business sectors by establishing itself as the leading manufacturer…

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Microsoft is Not in the Top 10 List of Vulnerabilities

on Apple | by Saroj | 0 04.11.2012

Those who have experienced the heyday of the war between Microsoft and Apple remember that the Cupertino, Calif., company has always had and maintained a reputation for offering more secure software than its competitor…

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