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Popular Streaming Service Netflix Arrives in Linux

on Entertainment, Linux, linux desktop, Linux Foundation, multimedia, Operating Systems, Ubuntu, wine | by Saroj | 0 19.11.2012

Despite the reluctance to support playback on Linux by Netflix, it seems, however, you may be able to use Netflix streaming service, while the company has not even officially launched the streaming service through…

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Mozilla Releases Firefox OS Simulator for Developers to Test

on Firefox, Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Mobile, Open Source, Operating Systems | by Saroj | 0 19.11.2012

Whoever is eagerly looking forward to Firefox OS, the open-source mobile operating system for smartphones, can now try it on laptop or desktop PC. The Mozilla Foundation has created a simple Web browser plugin…

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Internet Explorer 10: Cake and Tracking

on Digital, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows 8, Yahoo | by Phillip | 0 29.10.2012

Unless you have had absolutely no access to technology news over the last month, it should come as no surprise that the release of Windows 8 had bottled up inside of it the latest…

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Firefox Aurora for Android Opens with its Own Marketplace

on Android, App, Firefox, Mobile, Open Source | by Saroj | 0 21.10.2012

Mozilla has decided to focus on the mobile market and Web applications and demonstrates its intent with the announcement of Firefox Aurora and Firefox for Android Marketplace. The, respectively, alpha (or pre-beta) browser and…

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Mozilla Releases Firefox Metro Beta for Windows 8

on Firefox, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 8, Mobile, Operating Systems, Windows Mobile | by Saroj | 0 07.10.2012

Some months ago, Mozilla had expressed an interest in developing a version of Firefox dedicated to Windows 8 and the new graphical environment. This announcement follows the availability of a new beta of Firefox,…

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