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Apple Continuously Claims Samsung Violates Their Patents, But Apple’s Patent Credibility Is Faltering

on Apple, Mobile, Samsung | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 18.01.2013

The “Samsung Galaxy Note II – Phone? Tablet? Best of Both.” Well, if the answer were left up to Apple, the answer would probably be “C” – None of the Above… No phone.. No…

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Windows Users are Reluctant to Move to Windows 8

on Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows 8, Operating Systems, Surface | by Saroj | 0 20.11.2012

Windows 8 has been available for about three weeks, and there are no official sales figures, but you can see the intentions of purchase by the consumer, as did Avast when it had asked…

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Contrasting The Tried & Tested Apple iPad vs. The New & Somewhat Experimental Microsoft Surface

on Apple, iPad, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows 8, Mobile, Surface, Tablet | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 19.11.2012

The Apple iPad is on its 4th Generation, and the company is on its 6th generation iOS. Can the Microsoft Surface really stand a chance? Up until now, it’s pretty much been an Android…

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Apple is Reportedly Ditching Intel Processors

on Apple, ARM, Hardware, Intel, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, Mac OS, Mobile, Mobile PC's, Operating Systems, Smartphones, Tablet | by Saroj | 0 07.11.2012

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is exploring the opportunity to replace Intel processors’ semiconductor technology in its Macs with its in-house-based processors used in iPhones and iPads. Apple chip hardware engineers believe that chip…

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Opera: Advertising on Android is Far Less Effective Than on iOS

on Advertising, Android, Apple, Apple Store, Google Mobile, Google Play, Google Play Store, iOS, iOS6, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, Mobile, Smartphones, Tablet | by Saroj | 0 31.10.2012

Opera Software published data on the effectiveness of mobile advertising for the third quarter of the year. According to the State of Mobile Advertising report, iOS leads the platform that provides the most advertising…

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