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Mobile Security Threats up by Two Times from Past Quarter: McAfee

on Android, Android Market Place, Apple, Google Mobile, iOS, iOS6, Mac OS, malware, Microsoft Windows, Mobile, Nokia, Operating Systems, Smartphones, Surface, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8 | by Saroj | 0 21.11.2012

McAfee has released the McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2012, which tells how cyber threats have evolved during the quarter, as well as the global evolution of cyber exploits. In addition to statistics and…

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Apple and HTC Decide to End Patent War

on Android, Apple, iOS, iOS6, Mobile | by Saroj | 0 13.11.2012

Apple and HTC have decided to stop their patent war by signing an agreement to settle all their outstanding disputes. The two firms also signed a 10-year license agreement that will extend to current…

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Samsung SAFE Program to Ditch RIM Enterprise Business

on Android, Enterprise, Galaxy, Galaxy SIII, Mobile, Mobile PC's, Samsung, security, Smartphones | by Saroj | 0 08.11.2012

Samsung doesn’t want to stop after selling 30 million Galaxy S3 and 3 million Galaxy Note 2 smartphones. The company seeks to expand further into business sectors by establishing itself as the leading manufacturer…

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Google Concentrates on Security in Android 4.2

on Android, Android Market Place, Apple, Google Mobile, Google Play, Google Play Store, Hacker, malware, Mobile, Smartphones, Tablet | by Saroj | 0 04.11.2012

Android is often criticized for having many problems with security. One of the most talked about Android bugs is malware. While the weakness of this side is much less than we do believe, Google…

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RIM Starts Testing BlackBerry 10 Devices with 50 Operators Worldwide

on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, iOS, Mobile | by Saroj | 0 01.11.2012

Research In Motion has begun testing its new BlackBerry 10 operating system for the launch of the devices in the first quarter of 2013. The first units of RIM’s new mobile operating system, BlackBerry…

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