The Road For The Microsoft Surface Pro Begins: The Bad News, The Good News & The Great News

in Mobile, Surface, Tablet | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 2 10.02.2013
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Despite somewhat unpopular opinions, Microsoft’s ultimate tablet, the Surface Pro, is released and sells out almost immediately online.

The Surface Pro is not your average tablet. You can consider it more a touch screen notebook than anything else called a tablet today. In fact, it’s really a full fledged PC in a tablet form.

The Microsoft Surface Pro went on sale today starting at $899 and was made available in a few places such as Microsoft’s online store and a couple of the big name retail outlets such as Best Buy and Staples.

For Microsoft, there’s bad news, good news and great news.

That bad news is that most reviews of the Surface Pro are already lacking in positive comments. In no way does it seem as though the Microsoft Surface Pro is a new industry tablet favorite of any sort. Microsoft could really use such a positive light on their tablets right now though, especially to get this long awaited Surface Pro rolling. The two main complaints among Internet reviews seems to be that the Microsoft Surface Pro has poor battery life when compared to the mobile standards of today, especially among the long life of today’s tablets. In addition to that, there’s a serious lack of applications truly designed to take advantage of its tablet features.

The good news for the Microsoft Surface Pro is that it has obviously found some interested parties. Only a few hours into its release and the 128GB model already sold out. The inventory number that Microsoft began with is unknown, so just how strong the demand may seem, is still really uncertain. The 64GB version was still available though. 

The great news for Microsoft is that a Forrester report just came out that puts forth a theory, based on their study, that about 200 million people around the globe are looking to get their hands on a Microsoft tablet for work purposes. 10,000 enterprise employees were questioned on which tablet they’d lie to use for their job: 

Windows Tablets – 32%
iPad Tablet– 26%
Android Tablet – 12% 

The Road For The Microsoft Surface Pro Begins: The Bad News, The Good News & The Great News

Forrester Report

“Forrester projects that globally, 615 million people will be information workers in 2013 … Based on that forecast and the data on the desire for the next phone or tablet, we project that 208 million global information workers would like to use an iPhone for work, and 200 million global information workers would like to use a Microsoft Windows tablet for work.” We believer that the fact that employees would not have to pay for the Microsoft Surface Pro makes it a huge gamble that employees are willing to take, since they have nothing to lose. 

The ultimate fate of the the Microsoft Surface Pro remains to be seen though, but between less than good reviews and an exceptionally high number of enterprise workers willing to take a shot at getting one for their job, it appears as though the Microsoft Surface Pro might be able to find a niche somewhere in the mobile market.


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2 Responses to “The Road For The Microsoft Surface Pro Begins: The Bad News, The Good News & The Great News”
  1. Carl Anderson says:

    What reviews have you been reading? I have seen nothing but positive reviews… Battery life will be addressed… takes alot of power to run such a powerful tool. I can’t believe you put IPAD and Work in the same sentence. I own an IPAD.. it is for play…..