President Barack Obama Breaks Record with Most Retweeted Tweet in History

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President Barack Obama Breaks Record with Most Retweeted Tweet in History.

Social discovery through social network channels witnessed an SMM tilt when President Barack Obama posted to his social Twitter account – a simple, yet groundbreaking “Tweet,” “Four more years.”

Candidates have used political platforms as a form of social filibustering throughout history, when print and media were used to reach out the public en masse in past generations. The bastion of the Internet and social media communiqué has transformed American political contenders into a new body politic: the social politician. A personality who is also a liaison between government and the people in the 21st century and a leader who is able, willing and ready to plug in to the social discourses among social networks to establish a social canvas for national change.

President Barack Obama has coalesced memes of “diversity” in “one-nation” into a social media frenzy of a public sentiment, following his win of a second Presidential term. Addressing the United States people in viewer-assembly and the world, the 44th President of the American nation acknowledged the hope for positive change and a bright future.

The tweet from the President queued into the time stream on November 6, 2012, and was accompanied by an image of the leader and the First Lady Michelle Obama. Online social destination Mediabistro reported the quote by the President was one of social network Twitter’s “Most Retweeted Tweets of All Time.” In the Mediabistro all-time list, President Barack Obama’s tweet, “Four More Years,” blitzed other popular quotes communicated through social media, including T.J. Lang and Lady Gaga. Star athlete Lang garnered more than 99K tweets late September 2012, following a social tweet aimed at the National Football League for a fine received relating to sports professionalism.

The star added a tweet to his Twitter account November 7, 2012, asking humbly, “…Mr. President @barackobama but did you really have to shatter my RT [Retweet] record..? The ‘record’ being the President’s November 6 tweet resulting in 777, 248 retweets byNovember 7. Lang may have found solace by an unexpected turn, with the appearance of a social discovery favorite that drew attention away from the President – “Flag Hair Lady.”

Sharing the visual panorama just behind President during a victory speech, a joyful woman was present to President’s left. Deemed with the simple appellative of “Flag Hair Lady,” the smiling Presidential supporter took the Net, broadcast channels and social networks by proverbial social discovery storm, generating more than a casual mention of remarks.

President Barack Obama Breaks Record with Most Retweeted Tweet in History, celebrated happily by the “Hair Flag Lady.”]

The President’s notable speech was made more notable by the lady, flanked just off centre, and donned with a symbol of U.S. patriotism, the United States’ Flag, in her hair. Commentary from social channels ensued with micro-messages including:

“Dear lady behind Obama, Take that flag out of your hair,” noted Jesse Tyler Ferguson of the ABC sitcom, “Modern Family.”

 “’I hope that lady is getting texts from her mother: “TAKE THAT FLAG OUT OF YOUR HAIR. EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU,’” wrote @kidicarus222.

“When is Flag Head Lady going to find out she’s a meme?” quipped film and TV, producer, writer Damon Lindelof.

President Obama remarked during the speech, “For the United States of America, the best is yet to come.”

Read the complete breakdown revealing which “Tweets-Per-Minute (TMP)” out-tweeted the SMM pack, on Twitter, including world diplomacy on spec, from “Election Night 2012.”

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