The Nokia Lumia Swims With Windows 8 In A Sea Filled With Android and iOS Sharks

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Nokia has a lot riding on the success or failure of its latest Lumia 920 and 820 models. Nokia’s business has been struggling in a mobile world dominated by Android and iOS devices. Over the weekend, the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 showed early signs that they may do well enough to survive in the current atmosphere where Samsung and Apple are the hugest competitors.

Consumer feedback has been favorable, and people have seemingly appreciated Nokia’s developmental efforts to make a nice ergonomic phone sporting curved glass, round edges, a curved back, an HD camera and the greatest hope of all for Nokia, the latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8 software.

No one really expects a miraculous, overnight change of events for Nokia, but that’s really what’s needed.

The consumer tide began to change when Apple came on the seen and had its rise to fame with the iOS devices, primarily the iPhone. Then, Android came on the scene with a new and innovative OS, as well. Since then, Nokia has been struggling.

Although the Finnish smartphone maker has a great new device with the latest Windows 8 software, many are even unsure of how well Microsoft’s Windows 8 will do, let alone the smaller Nokia that is trying to rebuild its brand through the use of the Windows 8 software. Nokia is relying heavily on Windows 8 to help it regain a firm standing in the mobile market place, the verdict is still out, though, as to whether Nokia will sink or swim.

Nokia’s ongoing quest for Geo-maps superiority may work to its advantage.

Here’s a video to check out:

Nokia has continuously placed effort in the development of its maps project and has even recently restructured it, now calling it “Here.” In addition, yesterday, Nokia purchased a Berkley, CA, company called earthmine, a company that develops 3D street-level imaging solutions. Nokia plans for earthmine to be key in its development of 3D reality-capture technology. Nokia has said that earthmine will join its Location and Commerce business division. It will remain in Berkeley, which will become a “key site” for the company’s 3D-mapping business.

Whether Windows 8 and Nokia Maps can sustain Nokia will be seen over the coming months.

Nokia sold the Lumia phones through AT&T over the weekend, but neither would comment on just how many were sold, as of yet. There have been various cases where bloggers have reported complaints that AT&T received only a small amount of the Lumia 920 phones where available and, therefore, quickly ran out of stock.

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