Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8) Sales Are The Best For The Company In Years, But Nokia May Be Eying Android Sales As Well

in Mobile | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 02.12.2012
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In Finland, sales of the Lumia 920 are the best Nokia has seen in the the last 10 years as reports from America and the EU also seem to confirm the idea that Nokia and Windows 8 have made a successful match

The official analysis on figures hasn’t been produced yet, but the latest Nokia Lumia 920 ( Windows Phone 8 ) appears to be generating enough positive attention that’s actually rebuilding the Nokia brand, especially in the United States. The Nokia Lumia 920 has has driven consumer demand for Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 OS and the struggling Nokia. In fact, consumer demand in America has been so great that the company has not been able to deliver enough of the Lumia.

Although a demand for the Lumia 920 obviously exists and is wonderful news for the company, the report should be balanced out. We believe the Nokia sell out in America has much more to do with what Nokia expected consumer demand to be in America, and thus small shipments they made to America, more so than an overwhelming rush for the device. Nokia has had trouble over recent years due to Android and iPhone popularity. They’ve been selling pretty well in the EU, but in North America, they haven’t fared nearly as well. Therefore Lumia shipments were more than likely limited in an effort to cut further losses, but to their surprise, they now have trouble meeting the demand.

None the less, the Lumia 920 ( Windows Phone 8 ) certainly has people taking a new look at Microsoft and Nokia. Far much more than that of the Nokia (Windows Phone 7). Additional news though may tell us that Nokia may be looking for greater mobile marketability and insurance through diversification though. Rumor has it that Nokia may be paving the road to the inclusion of Android very soon.

Recently Nokia posted an available position on Linkedin in search for a, “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware”. Nokia quickly removed the posting after the news hit, but the posting was looking for an individual to help design “exciting new products” and “mobile phone technology”. If it be true that Nokia is seeking to diversify its OS efforts and perhaps build Android phones in addition to Windows Phone 8, it would surely make sense. Although they seem to be doing fairly well with Windows 8 Phone thus far, Android and iPhone are powerhouses in the mobile market and the competition is quickly growing as well. RIM will soon release the BB10, and Firefox is in the process of preparing to release a mobile OS.

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