The Nexus 7 Tablet Overtakes The iPad in Japanese Sales

in Android, Mobile, Tablet | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 21.01.2013
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Asus does what Samsung had not and makes an Android tablet the most popular of all.

Samsung has been making products that sell and their Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are so popular that they can almost be said to be the poster-children of Android smartphones. Smartphones which have literally taken the international markets by storm.

Samsung has managed to become the #1 Android smartphone manufacturer (see Android Enters 2013 With Command Of The Mobile Market) and has thus made a name for itself as it never had before. So much so that when we now speak of smartphones, Samsung is actually equal with Apple in recognition. One thing all Android makers have had trouble with is the sales of tablet as Apple continues to make headway in tablet sales. Samsung is no exclusion here.

Although our forecast suggests that “Apple iOS Tablets Fall Farther From The Mobile Tree, As Androids Bear More Fruit“,  the pace at which that likely occurrence is taking place is probably much slower than Samsung and other Android tablet designers would probably like. Unless, you live in Japan. Asus has now firsts accomplished what Samsung had not and has achieved a landmark sales goal for Android tablets.

December reports by marketing research firm BCN say thay the Google Nexus 7 accounted for nearly 45% of all tablets sold by about 2,400 retailers in Japan during the holiday season. Whereas the Apple iPad only accounted for a bit more than 40%.

The Nexus 7 costs only about 2/3 of what the iPad does. This is one of the attributes considered to be a factor for the Nexus 7 buying wave, of course in addition to the Nexus 7 being considered by most to be a quality tablet by Asus.

The Nikkei also believes that, “the tablet market is thus one of the few promising growth areas for digital electronics in Japan.” Which may then also mean that the transition of power from Apple to Android tablets has now begun.

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