The Nexus 10 Has It All, Except For Two Important Things

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When it comes to hardware and performance, the Nexus 10 is a steal when compared to the iPad 4. There are two things missing from this beautiful picture, though; one Google should have included and one Google can’t do much about at the moment. 

Google has released its first 10” tablet, the Nexus 10. Reviews have been generally very positive, as with just about any Android device these days, especially if it has Google’s name attached to it. From the beautiful top-of-the-line high-resolution display that outdoes the iPad Retina, to one of the fastest processors on the market. The Google Nexus 10 seems to have it all.

* 2560×1600 Display
* Exynos 5 SoC
* ARM Mali-T604 GPU

The Nexus products are certainly great buys for the money. The Nexus 10 has a higher screen resolution than the new iPad and it cost less. The latest Nexus 7 comes with an additional 8GB in one version and the other has 32GB (each also has a lower price tag than previous versions of the Nexus 7, as well).

In reality, Samsung has been driving the Android tablet market, and driving like a Formula 1 race car driver, at that.

According to the research analysis company, IDC, Apple’s top-selling iPad’s market share dropped nearly 15% from the second quarter of this year to the third quarter. To put that percentage into tangible figures, it equates to Samsung shipping 5.1 million tablets this past third quarter, which is also 115% more than the previous second quarter of this same year — up a whopping 325% in units shipped this same time a year ago in 2011.

There are a couple of things missing from the Nexus 10, though: One is a MicroSD slot, which many feel Google should have included. The second is something Google can do little about at the moment — and that’s Apps.

The OS is solid and the hardware is top of the line, but there are relatively few Apps optimized to run on the Nexus 10. That may be fine for sales as unsuspecting customers rush to purchase one this holiday season, but it’s the many people already “in the know” about this situation that are really thinking twice before choosing to purchase this latest Nexus 10” tablet, and the situation could actually grow worse if developers opt out of developing tablet Apps.

One thing in Google’s favor is that, unlike Apple’s varied products (i.e iPhone, iPad and Mac Retina displays), Android Apps can take advantage of Apps already designed for smaller devices, but the icons and images will be somewhat blurry.

With so many tablets now hitting the market, the real question remains: Will developers make the move to develop 10” tablet Apps, or will they simply look for pastures that are already green with customers ready to purchase their latest products and forego this latest 10” App need?

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