Microsoft Claims “Demand Is High” For The Surface Pro But Is It Really?

in Microsoft, Mobile, Surface | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 14.02.2013
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We know some retail and online locations have been low or out of stock of Surface Pro and we’re working to address this. Here is what we are doing and what you can expect.” – Microsoft

It was just last week that we reported on Microsoft selling out on-line very quickly as their latest tablet/laptop, the Surface Pro, sold out almost immediately. As we also said at that time as well,“The inventory number that Microsoft began with is unknown, so just how strong the demand may seem, is still really uncertain.”

Well, Microsoft has came out with a blog post today on their Surface Pro stock issue. They now say that it’ll be available again next week in both the United States and Canada.

As for the cause for such scarcity of the Micrsofot Surface Pro, Microsoft says very briefly that, “Demand is high and we’re working as quickly as we can to get Surface Pro in market” but previously potential customers just aren’t buying the positive high demand spin that Microsoft is putting on their lack of supply.

One blog commenter said:

Moved on and bought something else

Microsoft attributes the lack of stock of the Surface Pro to high demand but the popular opinion among many that have been dispelled by the availability of the product seem to believe that Microsoft I doing as it seems many other companies are as well these days and waiting to see what demand is like before producing the products in great number. Some see it as a hype builder in which it appears that demand is high and therefore a truly higher demand is potentially built by customers that now seek a popular device. Many say Google has done the same with Nexus line of products as well, although reviews have actually been excellent for the Nexus 4, unlike the mediocre welcoming thus far of the Surface Pro.

Microsoft does have a fair number of people that seem to still be willing to wait for the Surface Pro to be delivered.

Willing to wait

It doesn’t seem as though anyone except Microsoft is going to know just how strong demand really is, but Q1 2013 reports due out not far down the road, will surely tell.

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