Microsoft Airs UK Windows Phone, Hosts Las Vegas SharePoint Conference Monday

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Microsoft Airs UK Windows Phone 8, Hosts Las Vegas SharePoint Conference.

Microsoft Corporation is poised to launch its fall installment of on-site labs environs, leading-edge sessions, and keynotes at the 2012 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas beginning Monday. The software maker responsible for the legendary Windows franchise will release a series of Windows Phone adverts in the UK simultaneously.

With its creative response to the iPhone, Microsoft has reintroduced itself into mobile market consciousness with the Windows Phone 8. Microsoft’s latest creation may establish the company as a nascent player in the “what’s next” of the Smartphone wars. Microsoft has showcased Windows Phone 8 in U.S. debuts with actor Will Arnett. and it has slated a Fall-2012-to-Spring-2013 ad campaign with actress Holly Willoughby in the United Kingdom to air during UK prime-time programming, promoting Microsoft’s largely touted “Kid’s Corner.”

A prominent attraction of Windows Phone 8 has been its home screen ‘reshape’ feature. Since its anticipated November 2012 regale the mobile device has presented users with options to view apps, email, browse via Internet Explorer and text message from the Windows Phone 8 “Start screen.” By using “Live Tiles,” mobile device owners can ‘pin’ their favorite items to the start screen that appears as colored tiles. Users can widen or shrink their personal finds from the start screen to thumbnail size or fit the ‘mini-tiles’ into a four-square, or enlarge any tile to fill in the entire viewing space.

The hardware components of Windows Phone  8 supports three resolution selections, including WXGA (1,280 x 768)  and WGVA, 720p (1,280 x 720) that queue with industry standardization, and storage is expandable with a microSD card to 64GB. Near Field Communications and processor round out the obligatory tech necessary with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 to up the device’s competitive edge in the market.

From November 12 through November 15, Microsoft hosts the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a creative spin on introducing laypersons into its data sphere. The event will bring more than 175 sessions called “breakouts” directed specifically to the Microsoft “Developer,” “End User,” and “IT Pro,” and will proffer the newest UIs and “functionality.” Including sessions such as “0 to 60 with Office and SharePoint 2013 apps using Napa and Visual Studio 2012,” “Primer in HTMLS and JavaScript, and “10 Tips for building Great Apps,” Microsoft has devised a greeting for persons interested in ‘many things MS.’ SharePoint is offering a form letter that relates what prospective attendees will experience across the four-day convergence. The letter contents reveal Conference visitors will not only share camaraderie with next tech predilection; attendees will see keynotes, and choose from a queue of nightly media performances and gatherings.

SharePoint will feature a Partner Technology Showcase at its “expo floor” where persons may share networking ops, preview the latest technology, and pick up “fun swag!”  The swag will feature “swank” that will present at venues throughout the week, including a performance by Jon Bon Jovi and The Kings of Suburbia. SharePoint arrivals will find presentations for “new solutions” at the Partner Theatre.

The Conference promises attendees in its proposal letter for induction: “This is where the experts go. I will have the chance to learn from the best in the field: engineers who built the product, Microsoft Certified Masters, and MVPs. I will gain invaluable knowledge to increase our productivity and stay ahead of the game through focused breakout sessions, hands-on lab environments, and instructor-led lab scenarios,” with downloadable OFT and MSG to help SharePoint event hopefuls close their pitch.

Guest pass registration starts at $150.

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