LibreOffice Office Suite: Microsoft Losing International Ground To Open Source Migrations

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Microsoft Office vs LibreOffice

“LibreOffice is a pillar in the overall migration of free software of all government bodies.” - The French Prime Minister

Open source software began getting mainstream exposure nearly a decade ago and has been taking off ever since, with many organizations, educational systems and governments around the globe making recently making the switch from commercialized operating systems and programs, such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, to open suite operating systems and programs, such as Canonical Ubuntu and LibreOffice, respectively.

We recently ran an article here in the Daily Flux called, “Spain Deploys 220,000 Ubuntu Desktops In More Than 2,000 Schools, Servicing 600,000 Students.” It’s a prime example of how entire educational systems are migrating from Windows licensing plus support infrastructure packages, to open source support minus licensing infrastructures. There have been other trending examples of this Microsoft exodus in the states, as well. A trend that points to licensed office suit packages such as Microsoft Office, losing popular ground in what were once firm footholds for the once monopolizing giant.

One such example of open source gaining ground in the United States is in the state of Florida, where the City of Largo moved 800+ users over to LibreOffice 3.5.2. Another example is in the entire City of Chicago, where all public libraries now use LibreOffice. Internationally, the German city of Munich moved to LibreOffice and the French Prime Minister even stated that LibreOffice is “a pillar in the overall migration of free software of all government bodies.”

In April of 2003, Microsoft attempted to keep Munich as a customer when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer met with city officials there and offered to give Munich a 15% discount on Microsoft licensing fees. The offer just wasn’t good enough, though. Munich said that they were deciding to go with Linux not only because the cost was still much less, but also because of the “flexibility” of open source software. Not long after, about 14,000 desktops were migrated from NT to LiMux.

Fast forward to 2012, and we get a clear glimpse of the current migration trend to open source:

As stated by LibreOffice:

Several other large migrations to LibreOffice have happened, or are happening, in Denmark (Hospitals of Copenhagen), Italy (Regione Umbria, Provincia di Milano, City Councils of Provincia di Bolzano, and one of the largest IT company in the banking sector), Spain (City of Las Palmas), Ireland (City of Limerick), Greece (Municipality of Pilea Hortiatis).”

With such numerous reasons to leave the Microsoft OS & office suites behind, it leaves many wondering, what’s to become of Microsoft?

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4 Responses to “LibreOffice Office Suite: Microsoft Losing International Ground To Open Source Migrations”
  1. Happy User of Free Software says:

    As a person who uses LibreOffice office suite & Ubuntu everyday I can say I am very grateful.

  2. Paul says:

    LibreOffice (LO) & Google Docs can be great together when integrated.
    I use them both together & I see so much of a synergistic & symbiotic relationship that has the potential to be taken to an altogether new level.
    This is a good time for Google to bring out a Google LO remix version, gLO (sounds like glow).
    For me LO = Offline Google docs. I use both practically every day.
    Makes Online, Offline and Collaboration → Seamless and Whole!
    that lets you quickly & easily upload to Google Docs
    Google can also help LO with its marketing might. I can think of some free ads. Heaven knows such great software needs more mindspace. Its LO’s time in the sun. Google can really help here. I know Google is already doing a great job in supporting LO. I want a bigger partnership to grow.
    This will improve its Offline capabilities & increase the features on Google Doc.

  3. Andy Brandt says:

    FWIW, Chicago, Illinois, is a city, not a state. Although they may have added LibreOffice to their computers, it ‘s unlikely that they’ve removed Microsoft Office. That would be an addition, not a migration.

    Best wishes.

    • Jon-Paul says:

      “Illinois, is a city, not a state.”

      You’re right Andy and “State” has been changed to “City”. Thank you. I actually spent a beautiful, quiet year in Bloomington. Nice city as well…

      “Although they may have added LibreOffice to their computers, it ‘s unlikely that they’ve removed Microsoft Office. That would be an addition, not a migration.”

      Information from stated that the, “Chicago Public Library deploys LibreOffice on several PCs, as a service for the people who need to create or edit documents, and provides trainings to learn the free office suite.” (ref:

      The Chicago Public Library seems to say more than just “several PCs” have it though.

      “All Chicago Public Library locations offer computers with free Internet access and LibreOffice software. LibreOffice is an open-source office suite compatible with Microsoft Office. The following LibreOffice components are available” (ref: As

      In fact the link to the Chicago Public Library site I gave even gives a brief intro on “Creating a Document” and such in LibreOffice, but makes no such helpful reference to Microsoft Office.

      All the best, Andy

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