KDE Plasma Active: Linux Tablet Developments Keep The Pressure On Microsoft

in kde, Linux, Mobile, Tablet | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 2 29.10.2012
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Plasma Active 2

KDE Plasma Active offers users a fresh and more open alternative to existing mobile operating systems.” — KDE

Microsoft is in a position where it must make software and sell it, per license, and by the millions. At one period in time when desktops ruled the world, that wasn’t an issue. Today, though, the markets have changed, and many believe Microsoft is well behind the curve.

Forbes reports states that, “Microsoft has long dominated PC units, with more than 95% sales,” but the report also went on to say that, with “the tremendous growth of smartphones, and then tablets, has. If you combine all the unit sales of personal devices, Microsoft’s share of units has shrunk drastically to about 30% in 2012.”

In short, the spread of Linux on nearly every kind of computing device has has grown to be an almost unrealistic and nightmarish reality for Microsoft.

While Windows 8 is going to have to sell by the 10s of millions to be a success, there are small groups in the Linux community that are considered a success already (by technological standards, alone) and without even a single sale at all. KDE is one of the groups.

KDE creates software it considers to be for “modern desktop systems for Linux and UNIX platforms,” and truly it is.

Recently KDE released the third version of Plasma Active.

Plasma Active is device-independent software designed to run on x86-based tablet computers and ARM-based products. It’s customizable and has a number of nice features specifically designed for the “touch-enabled” device markets.

This thirdrelease has focused on providing:

* A better user Experience
* Enhanced and expanded set of apps
* A new virtual keyboard

As KDE describes it, the “Plasma Active user interface is touch-friendly and works well across a range of devices.

KDE’s current goal is to bring Plasma Active to mainstream attention in order to bring to light KDE’s ability to be a viable Linux distribution for tablets. One able to compete with the likes of Android, as well as Ubuntu’s emerging “touch-enabled” device developments. KDE has hopes that Plasma Active will lead the group to gain the feedback needed to assist them in developing more on top of this latest tablet platform.

Future “touch-enabled” device developments for Plasma Active include easy-data syncing across multiple devices and the use of Qt5 and the KDE Frameworks 5.

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  1. Sheridan W/ Layman says:

    This is great news. Are there any tablets out there running this OS? Is there a way to take an android tablet and flash this OS over it? Can I run standard Linux apps on the OS, connect to other software repositories, or do the apps have to be specifically written for the OS?

  2. The Daily Flux says:

    “Are there any tablets out there running this OS?”


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