An iPhone Mini in China: Apple’s Inexpensive Hope

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China Mobile and an inexpensive iPhone may be the pieces to the puzzle that Apple needs to maintain many things, including its popularity among investors

What if we told you that Apple sold 1 out of every 5 North American consumer technology retail sales in 2012? What it we also told you that it obviously doesn’t matter much because Apple stock is currently trading at $457/share, down from $700/share not many months ago. Well, both posed questions are in the affirmative; Yes.

According to the NPD Group, of the “top 5 categories; notebooks, flat-panel TVs, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers accounted for 53 percent of sales in 2012, up from 49 percent in 2011. Tablets and smartphones were the only two of the top five categories to post growth

NDP chart 1

Out of that group, Apple accounted for almost 20% of all sales.

NDP chart 2

Still that hasn’t help calm investor fears that Apple is somehow on the way to losing such amazing numbers. And the stock price proves that.

Apple stock decline

Apple seems to be keen as well to the matter and the rumors we reported on last year of a cheap iPhone coming to market now appear to be gaining sure validity (see DF Related Links below).

A Morgan Stanley analyst, Katy Huberty, has suggested that Apple is possibly on the way to launching an iPhone Mini this coming summer. China has the world’s largest mobile market and Apple wants a larger piece of it. To do so though, they’re going after a market they’ve yet to pursue. A market simply looking to pay less for quality mobile devices.

It’s purported that the iPhone Mini will have a price tag of about $330. The Morgan Stanley analyst also said that, “A low cost iPhone with some basic features could literally triple the market share of the Cupertino Company in China. Having a low priced iPhone Mini in its inventory will enable Apple to add another 20% to its 10% share which it has today. However the key to this venture is an agreement with China Mobile

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