The iPhone 5 Sold Well But The iPhone 5s May Not, As People Wait On The iPhone 6

in Apple, iPhone, Mobile | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 1 08.04.2013
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Will people really rush to purchase an antiquating iPhone when the new one is just around the corner?

The video above was not made by Apple and was only a potential concept video by one Federico Bianco. The video depicts what could be examples of many more refined iPhone feature that don’t currently exists but many people would like to see from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and iOS 7. Before we get to that model though, there’s the sooner to come iPhone 5s that Apple’s attempting to push as an updated version of the nearly 1 year old, iPhone 5.

In March we discussed how “T-Mobile Upgrades To 4G/LTE And Gets A Contract With Apple”, that was the first good news for T-Mobile. Then later in the same month there was good news not for, but from T-Mobile as “T-Mobile Ends Customer Contract Lock-In”. As of last Friday, Apr 5, 2013, T-Mobile subscribers could begin preordering the iPhones handsets before they officially hit the stores in about a week or so. Whether or not people rush to grab a hold of the special iPhone deals though remains to be seen though (see CNet for more deal info).

According to a report from the Walls St Journal, “Apple Inc. plans to begin production of a refreshed iPhone similar in size and shape to its current one in the second quarter of the year. A report from also says that Apple may release the iPhone 6 with iOS 7 sometime this year, but also the iPhone 5s. Quote, “We have also heard an Asian website called MacFan, say that they iPhone 5S is set to come out in June

Regardless of the exact timing the upcoming iPhone 6 release, if it’s truly any time within this year, it seems too close in timing for the iPhone 5s to really make any significant impact in the smartphone market. It may help a company such as T-Mobile out that is looking to have an in pouring of new customers ready to purchase a new iPhone in order to take advantage of their new deals, but for companies such as Verizon, AT&T and others, consumers that purchase the iPhone 5s will probably feel a bit duped when not long down the line, the latest Apple iPhone hits the shelf.

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  1. I thinks you are right about it. All people wait iPhone 6 not iPhone 5S.

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