The iPad Tablet Tops Facebook Tablet Connections, But Android Smartphones Lead In Facebook App Connectivity

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The latest statistics from the Facebook for Android and iOS 2.0 usages leads to some results that pulled out some pretty large growth numbers for both Android and iOS, but Android is still stealing the pack 

A couple of days ago we reported on how “Apple Keeps The Web Impression Lead After The Holiday Season, But Android Tablets Continue Their iPad Pursuit“. The report concluded how the iPad currently remains the overall web impression leader in the tablet market, but it’s currently losing market share to Android tablet growth, as Android already own top spot in the smartphone market and currently is competing for the same spot in the tablet market as well (though it has a way to go).

Since iPad leads the tablet market in number of users, it’s fairly evident why they would also lead in the number of overall web impressions, and since they trail far behind Android smartphone users, it would also make sense that the number of people connecting to the Internet via Android smartphone far supersede those using iOS. Well, that Facebook proves simple logic right.

Android smart-phone users, being far more abundant that iOS users, currently rule the world through sheer numbers, and now also rule Facebook stats as well.

Last year Facebook for Android users totaled less than 70 million monthly active users, while Facebook for iPhone users totaled just more than 90 million. The tides have now turned though and Android for Facebook users now total more than 190 million active users per month, while Facebook for iPhone users total approximately 147 million active users per month.

A final note on the numbers. We’re not convinced  that the numbers are not absolutely conclusive though because iPhone and Android users alike can access Facebook from either the native web interface or the Facebook app. We will concur though that by using the Facebook app as a baseline we can get a sure estimate of at least those interested enough in Facebook connectivity that they bothered to even install the propriety Facebook app, and therefore should certainly be included in the numbers survey.

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