Google This, Bing That – Crowdfunding Resources That Work, Part 1

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Watching Barack Obama sign Jobs Act in White House Rose Garden image by AOL Co-Founder Steve Case.

“Watching @BarackObama sign #JOBSAct in Rose Garden of @WhiteHouse. Grateful for bipartisan support. #WeDidIt,” – Steve Case, AOL Co-Founder.

Leveraging media and technology can propel a business past alchemic practices of print and advertising with “crowdfunding.” Crowdfunding by companies, proprietaries, and by persons keen to enter into the promotion can queue communication between their brands and potential backers readily, courtesy of the JOBS Act. Marketing in the 21st century received a crowd-pleasing boost of real campaign benefit with by bipartisan creation of the JOBS Act bill. Crowdsource themed Web sites including IndieGogo and RocketHub offering beginning businesses, veterans to capital venturing, and new arrivals platforms to marketing, has rallied to precedent with fresh start. 44th U.S. President Barack Obama signed the bill to foster growth in economy through Web investors, online investing, and national to local participation. Argued by Democrat and Illinois Senator Dick Durban as potentially lax in deregulatory practice for businesses, the Act passed March 2012 by 73-26 approval and amended with requirements starts disclose fiduciary details with investors by vote of 380-41. Senate passing of the bill presents crowdfunding business and independent startups opportunity to expand their work(s) in their market niche. Businesses and individuals can source crowdfunding resources that work, locating many online.

Crowdfunding with action

Sourcing capital for creation of music, novels, and larger entrepreneurial plans, involving startup financing can each be established through crowdfunding venues. Bill supporters such as Steve Case, co-founder of online social service AOL, have expressed the Act’s creation is the beginning of greater social media and business interaction. that will continue forward.

“We think big, take risks,” President Obama said at the JOBS Act White House signing event.

“The U.S. isn’t the leading nation of the world by accident. It was the work of entrepreneurs that led us to be the leading economy in the world,” Case has said publicly. “Entrepreneurship is the fast track to job creation.”

Case notes blending of technology advancements with social communication is a “good step forward.”Adding, “There’s still work to be done.”

The bill, JOBS Act, will allow employee hires, financial platform creating, and facilitate interaction among businesses, individuals, and the global community. Startups are designated in the Act as “emerging growth” companies. Companies sourcing investment opportunities from Web constituents may connect with other peers, including online investor backers. Crowdfunding participants can also offer value with investment shares totaling $50 million prior to SEC regulation; shares greater than the threshold of shareholders totaling more than 1,000 qualify for registry with the Securities Exchange Commission.


Crowdfunding resources – SMM Twofer


Entering searching query on major search engines, e.g. Google and Bing, can reticulate a number of crowdsourcing results. More public crowdsourcing themes making cyber waves, Kickstarter, for example, combine business presentation with social camaraderie, to create meaningful collaborations – between startups and personal product offerings, newer company presentations, and professional ingénues. shares a community-based site for native crowdsource and crowdfunding headlining.

The Web site presents staff picks, and popular categories ranging from games, fashion, and technology, to comics – funding that may surpass benchmark, including completed Kickstarter fable-to-comic, Outfoxed.

What crowdfunding offers is communiqué for every idea and vision to take to the social media stage.


Web sites including, communicate projects with crowdfunding interests, global in scale.

RocketHub and its notoriety extend from media acknowledgment with mentions by Billboard, CNN, The New York Times and Variety. RocketHub features crowdsourced participation with member connected internationally. Crowdsourcing persons unfamiliar with the creative designing the site’s members use to communicate their ideas with their brand(s) need look no further. The social funding platform places creative and passionate artistry with business to consumer consciousness.

RocketHub Entry “The Union”: A Project by Mat & Nicole Crisp

RocketHub member creators infuse crowdfunding offers with “bios,” “descriptions,” and “project blogs” queuing backers supporting projects of interest.

Crowdfunding’s Future

For every successfully reached crowd-funded offer, there are more that finish incomplete. The JOBS Act adds another proponent into the crowdfunding Web sense – viability.  “We think big, take risks and believe that anyone with a solid plan and a willingness to work hard can take even the most improbable idea and turn it into a solid business,” President Obama has said at the JOBS Act White House signing event.

Not every crowdfunding campaign is successful as media outlets report; however when planned with thoughtful and well-designed content, a marketing campaign can be offered worldwide in presentation, regardless of media type or creative form. Campaigns that can inform, inspire, and motivate, with the potential for monetization. Read how crowdfunding Web sites including Credibles,  Pozible, and Rock The Post are bringing greater creativity with crowdfunding insights and how successful planning can lead to crowdfunding pinnacles in “Google This, Bing That – Crowdfunding resources That Work, Part 2,” coming soon, to Daily Flux.


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