Google This, Bing That – Crowdfunding Resources That Work, Part 2

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Image of President Barak Obama signing Jobs Act on Daily Flux
President Barak Obama signing the anticipated JOBS Act, a crowdfunding and small business bill to steer growth in economy. The bill is slated to effect in 2013.

Crowdfunding may achieve financial bevy for crowdsource savvy participants, while laying a path to increasing awareness about their personal creations, inventions, or their companies and their professional startups. The signing of the JOBS Act wallops crowdfunding options with a one-two punch, expanding the directions persons can use the information highway to reach their business funding goals. Funding a proprietary or first-time business foray is accessible with greater numbers of online crowdsource Web sites being created. It’s the tangible rewards offered persons can receive that can earn their rapt support. Have a unique business opportunity or startup people will want to hear about and need a global platform to tell them about the service or profession you’ll create? Queue up online with crowdfunding companies and locate the many possibilities available to you to ratchet up capital for your irrepressible business passions. President Barak Obama signed the anticipated JOBS Act to shepherd small business and entrepreneurial growth in economy. The bill is scheduled to debut 2013.

Crowdfunding Sources that Work

Bing and Google searches may yield crowdsource and crowdfunding sourcing; Daily Flux breaks down the pros and cons for viable crowdsourced and crowdfunded choices. Queue these crowdsource, crowdfuding cos. and spiff up your advert and market to media selections.

Credibles image on Daily]


Operate a food business, or provide culinary tastes to the food and service industry? Credibles may present a niche crowdfunding experience. Supporters of their crowdfunded choices prepay with items described as ‘credibles,’ with a value equivalent of one dollar. The dollar can purchase a food related item considered a reimbursement, similar to a barter or trade.

Think Tank: Participants with Credibles can track donation progress and there is an initial fee to begin the crowdfunding process; however the funding platform has rolled out on the West coast and East Cost solely (California and New York).

EarlyShares image on Daily

Early Shares

The crowdfunding co. opens the doors to equity crowdfunding and backer investing within startups and local businesses. Participants can “Start a Pitch.” However the Web site does provide a service fee based determined upon “SEC ruling.” Companies searching for capital between $100,000 and $1M ($250,000 is EarlyShares’ description of an average-backed value) can fund prototypes with long range national and global reach. The Web site employs “CrowdCheck,” a third party legal themed opportunity to protect investor backers and startups with diligence and filings and with background research.

Think Tank: EarlyShares does not fund the following endeavors: adult themed entertainment businesses, consultancies, eateries or restaurants, medical device companies, or real estate company related projects. EarlyShares anticipates its crowdfunding candidates can present its investor backers measurable return on investment within 3 years of funding start.

FundaGeek image on Daily,]


A potential rebel in standard crowdfunding, “go all in, or nothing,” crowdfund-raising principle. FundaGeek presents its participants with powerful incentive.

Think Tank: Offerings within its “Research & Community” campaigns provide all funding proceeds to participants at the completion of the crowdfunding period, independent of reaching goal amount or benchmark.

GoGetFunding image on Daily


Launch a campaign with a personally designed fundraising Web site from GoGetFunding. Participants can fashion their own Web sites and accept donations for an event, a cause, a charity, or a project. Campaigns are “launched” or “funded.” GoGetFunding includes social media themed features, and its participants receive all funding whether or not fund goals are achieved.

Think Tank: A service fee of 3% of the capital raised is required; however the fee is a flat rate. GoGetFunding offers zero tiered fees and zero penalties for underfunded endeavors.

Indie Backer image on Daily

Indie Backer

Filmmakers may discover funding is a click away at IndieBackers. Impassioned auteurs can find support within an independent film environment “designed by Indie people for Indie people.”

Think Tank: Consider there is a list of production-themed categories to source:

Animation Art & Set Design Commercials Documentaries Feature Films Hardware & Rigs Systems Music Videos Scripts Short Films Television Pilots Theater Visual Effects Webisodes

Indiegogo image on Daily


Popular with international and domestic backing, Indiegogo affords participants a chance to fund their projects to completion. Supporters can “browse” campaigns and crowdfunding members can attain global audiences within Indiegogo’s fundraising platform.

Think Tank: Crowdfunding participants may keep “100% ownership” of their campaign; a percentage of funding successful won is owed once money is raised.

Kickstarter image on Daily


A popular and media noted crowdfunding site, Kickstarter allows a vast tier of projects available for backers and investment interests.

Think Tank: Reaching funding goal(s) for projects is obligatory with “all or nothing funding.”

Lucky Ant image on Daily

Lucky Ant

Lucky Ant is a crowdfunding platform mingling local businesses and clientele for project support with “perks” and “rewards.” Backers may “pledge” monies for projects of interest. Lucky Ant features local business in neighborhood sects seeking capital from “funders.”

Think Tank: Lucky Ant “merchants” may fulfill a “project” by funder backing, and with confirmation of payment, a certificate in the form of a “voucher” is issued to redeem a good or a service.

Peerbackers image on Daily


A crowdfunding site for entrepreneurs, Peerbackers presents funding options for the business and professional sector. Described as crowdfunding for “innovators” and “trailblazers,” Peerbackers is widely noted by media including Entrepreneur, Inc., MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. Business can attract funding separate from traditional financial sources. Peerbackers recommends participants work their contacts sending updates on progress, uploading video, and any content to energize a campaign – and to keep the campaign in the minds of busy potential backers – backers receive rewards for projects supported.

Think Tank: Peerbackers presents social media accessibility for participants to grow their project’s awareness within participants’ communities “You’re not asking folks for money, you are inviting them to be part of something amazing!” quotes Peerbackers. image on Daily


Petridish presents backer support for science-themed illuminati. Creators of inventive science applications may contact potential supporters by internet mail. Effective responses can be pressed forward to social media network sites such as Facebook with ratings to add meme with crowdfunding influence.

Think Tank:  Crowdfunding presentations funded are dependent upon successfully reached goals. Have a well structured campaign that addresses the particular audience and attends to the business and its marketing skeins. Petridish projects are funded by “all or nothing” principle.

Pozible image on Daily


Crowdfunding by Pozible places participants in league with backers with interests aspirational or inspirational in theme. Pozible connects its crowdfunding platform on a global showreel with “all or nothing” funding in project designs.

Think Tank: Participants may campaign between a period of 1 to 3 months; campaigns not funded to completion are cancelled supporting accelerated incentive to meet funding goals.

Razoo image on Daily


Nonprofit organizations may discover crowdfunding is a win at The Web site supports charity and fundraising activities participants can establish through a Facebook account. Causes can be enhanced with Razoo “giving days.” The site includes an app from Apple’s iPhone for greater cross-platform crowdfunding.

Think Tank: Nonprofits are eligible to participate at Pozible. Charities are subject to approval. Persons and NPs interested in the Pozible platform for crowdfunding may submit a letter of determination from IRS for inclusion in its members tier. Funding is supported for individuals,corporationsnonprofits, and foundations.

RocketHub image on Daily


An international crowdfunding platform, RocketHub allows “fuelers” to fund projects with campaigns of varied interests. “Rocket Fuel” is the platform’s value currency with $1 cost per liter.

Think Tank: Positioning an effective campaign through RocketHub depicts the project background and the perks or rewards potential supports can receive; inclusion timely updates and project statuses encouraged. RocketHub offers “all or nothing” and “All & More™ “ options for breadth of crowdfunding campaign(s).

Rock The Post image on Daily

Rock The Post

Social network meets up with businesses at crowdfunding Web site, Rock The Post. Niche businesses are categorized by list tallying 36, and campaigns detail use of transparent media including video content, to market projects with efficiency.

Think Tank: Zero cost or expense to join; members of professional and business-oriented industry may apply. Rock The Post offers sage advice to marketers seeking influence in social media sects. Read Rock The Post and its thoughts on business and media trending here.

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