The New Google+ Sign In Button: Connect To Sites Using Your Google+ Account

in Google+, Social | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 01.03.2013
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If you sign in to Gmail, YouTube or any other Google service, you can now use your existing credentials to sign in to apps outside of Google.” – Google

No doubt you’ve seen them around. Millions of sites with a landing page that allows you sign into whatever site it may be, by simply clicking on a sign in with Facebook button they provide for you. The Facebook Connect button has been very popular, and Google, wants in on the social connect action as well.

Earlier this week Google+ introduced their new “sign-in to Google+” button to compete with Facebook’s now long running trend.

Besides the obvious fact that Google+ has created this feature to challenge Facebook and draw more attention to their own quickly growing social network, Google lays claims to some other reasons for the development of their latest sign-in feature in their latest blog post:

1. Simplicity and security come first : users have the choice as to whether or not the products or services that they’re interacting with on the third-party site appear up on their Google+ profiles.

2. Desktop and mobile are better together: when using Google+ Sign-In to connect to a site, developers now have the opportunity to immediately send their sites Android app to your mobile devices.

3. Sharing is selective; spraying is just spam: somewhat of an attack on Facebook’s method of sharing what goes on when you interact with third-party sites.

4. Sharing is for doing, not just viewing: Google wants people to interact immediately, not just seeing activity, but with options for others seeing your activity to buy as well.

It will take a little time for Google+ Sign-In to catch on, but with the number of Google+ users currently at about 235 million (2012), and increasing fairly rapidly over the last quarters, you may soon see your favorite site with their Google+ Sign-In as well.

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