Google Searches For iOS Developers In An Attempt To Cash In On Its Current iOS Popularity

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The development of Google Search for iOS and the even the relaunch of Google Maps for iOS show that Google is well adept at leveraging the force of tidal popularity.

When Hollywood stars are at their peak in popularity, there’s no better time to cash in on the success. From perfumes to clothing lines and beyond, the stars make it all when their names are at the top of the charts and the return on investment is usually exceptionally good. The world of technology in 2013 works little differently, and Google is out to prove it.

Apple obviously made a huge mistake by pre-maturely getting rid of their dependence on Google Maps in the first place because iOS maps just wasn’t ready for prime time. Google came to Apple’s rescue and bailed out the troubled Apple iOS Maps with a newly formed Google Maps for iOS. It instantly shot Google backup in popularity among almost everyone in the world, especially (and ironically) even those that strictly support only Apple.

Of course the Google move though wasn’t to merely assist the struggling Apple iOS maps project, but it can surely be assumed that it was done to strategically re-insert Google in the midst of an iOS world. Android has surpassed Apple’s iOS in a number of ways, but what more could Google ask for than to have even a sizable stake in the competing Apple iOS mobile operating system itself. And what better way to do it than now cash in on their popularity with further iOS app developments.

Google is now seeking to expand it’s iOS apps team and improve on things such as Google Search, YouTube, Chrome and Gmail.  It very well seems that Google’s overall quest for mobile dominance is now seeing its implementation worked out in a long term strategic plan to invade more Apple iOS mobile space in 2013 and beyond.

For more information on Google’s quest for iOS developers, please visit “Wait, Google has iOS mobile apps teams?

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