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Google Play: Music Expands Into the EU, and Cloud Storage Space Increases 

Google has connected with nearly every major music label in the America’s creating an enormous library of available music from Google Play Music.

The latest countries now able to access Google Play Music now include:

* UK
* Germany
* France
* Spain
* Italy

Google will presumably do so with EU companies, as well.

Google Play: Increases User Cloud Storage

Users can now also store up to 20,000 tracks as well. The music can be transferred from your PC to Google’s cloud and then streamed to any Internet-connected device.

Google TV Listens: Your Speech Is My Command

Google TV 2.0 has been received with much more favor than its Google TV 1.0 prototype that debuted in 2010. Many feel as though the minds at Google actually listened to consumer suggestions and implemented them, thus making Google TV 2.0 a much-easier-to-use and more intuitive interactive system.

The new Google TV Voice Search improves on that trend. Voice Search gives you the ability to query Google TV for anything you want. Have a taste for a latté? Simply ask, “How to make a latté?” and, before you know it, you’ll have a YouTube video on your Android showing you just how to make it (gourmet coffee not included).

Google TV Theatre: Now Playing On A TV Near You

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably enjoy the idea of being able to watch that latest show on your 30”, 40”, 60” home theater screen, versus viewing it on your smartphone screen.

A new Google TV feature that’s hit recently allows you to now watch YouTube videos that you select from your Android device right on your own TV. The YouTube app gives you the ability to play YouTube videos on your phone, tablet or TV, by using your Wi-Fi network (TV-model compatibility is currently limited).

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