Google Maps Gets Never Before Digitally Mapped North Korean Updates

in Google, Google Maps | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 01.02.2013
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Google Maps gets major North Korean map updates including streets, monuments, parks and more.

Not long ago here in the the Daily Flux we ran a news article on Google’s chairman, Eric Schmidt, making a North Korea visit along with a former American U.N. Amabassador, Bill Richardson, went along on a separate humanitarian mission. A mission in which he planned “to speak with North Korean officials about the detention of a Korean-American citizen names Kenneth Bae”. Google seems to be putting an emphasis on North Korea, and their interests now seem to be emerging.

Every country has secrets, but North Korea is among the most secretive civilizations in the world which is why it was actually a few years back when North Korea began gaining interest on Google Maps as a Google Maps overlay began revealing once never before seen locations on Google’s digital map.

Today things are changing even more as Google Maps gets even more updates with the help of some citizen cartographers. Google Maps now contains never before held information on Pyongyang, the North Korean capital. Cartography information such as streets, landmark monuments, parks and more. The maps still have not been perfected, but that seems to be part of this North Korean Google Maps project

The American government opposed Google’s recent visit to North Korea, but it has obviously has paid off in better relations of some sort. Even though Google has reportedly said that there is “absolutely no connection in the timing” with these recent North Korean map updates in Google Maps, there has been no report of the once top secret country venting any opposition towards Google’s latest Google Maps / North Korean endeavor.

Ironically, most people in North Korea will not be able to see these latest Google Maps updates, as Internet access is severely restricted and limited to only a small number of residents.

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