Google+ Hangouts: Becoming A Social Norm For Politics & And A First Go In United States Congressional Hearings

in Google+, Social | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 05.12.2012
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More and more politicians are using social media to leverage the power of social media, get further into the public eye, and develop trust & credibility.

A Google+ Hangout is enables groups of people chat face to face, host virtual meetings and broadcast their conversations to the entire world and more and more politicians are using them to do just that. On Wednesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s subcommittee will be using a Google’+ Hangout to allow a representative from Mali testify before lawmakers.

The use of social media by government officials has seen a great increase year after year. In fact, the President of the United States used Google Hangouts in his last campaign in order to respond to public questions. It also happened that his challenger, Mitt Romney also gave a go at using Google+ Hangout, but presumably not as socially persuasively as the victor.

The use of social media was so effective in the President’s last campaign that Brenda Krueger Huffman, a correspondent at Axcess, went to say that, “I think we can all agree Obama changed politics forever by setting the bar for all future political candidates to strategize and effectively use social media in political campaigns. Obama was indeed the first politician to prove out the tremendous power of social media if used with a positive, individual interest, networking message strategy especially if appealing to voters younger than 30.”

Google+ Hangouts now seems to be the next step for more lawmakers and elected officials to take political meetings to the next frontier in the social space.

Today, the vice president of the Lobbying Network for Peace, Security and Development for Northern Mali will have a face-to-face meeting with U.S. Embassy officials via Google Hangout. The digital gathering will be used to bring public attention to “al Qaeda’s growing presence in northern Mali and how the United States is handling the terrorist group’s expansion into the region.”

Ian Koski is a spokesman for Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.). He said that he believes that this will be the first time ever a Google+ Hangout will be used as a platform for a congressional hearing. He also said that the subcommittee looked at other group video conferencing options, but selected Google+ Hangout was selected because of its live-streaming, screen sharing features and superior image quality, compared to the other conferencing platforms considered.

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