Gmail 4.2.1 for Android Arrives With New Auto-Fit, Pinch-To-Zoom And Swipe-To-Archive Features & All Gmail Users Can Now Send Files Up To 10 GB In Size

in Mobile | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 06.12.2012
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A couple of months ago the next generation Gmail for Android was spied out. As the demo above previewed, the Gmail pre-release that was obtained had added a couple of neat new features:

* “Pinch-To-Zoom”
* “Swipe-To-Archive” (or Delete)

Today marks the official debut of those features as Gmail 4.2.1 for Android is now released.

In addition to the two previewed features being inclusive in this latest version of Gmail for Android, there some more as well.

* “Auto-Fit” message to screen size
* Thumbnail View of Attached images / swipe through gallery

Only phones running Android 4.0 and higher are the lucky recipients of this latest Gmail upgrade, so if you haven an older Android you may just have to wait. On the other hand, you may also just have to upgrade. For those with Android 4 or higher, you can get the latest Gmail from the Google Play.

There is one nice feature now added to Gmail for every user though. You can now send files up to 10 GB in size using your cloud-based storage in Google Drive, and you can do it all without leaving the Gmail interface

Gmail with Google Drive Attach Support

Simply compose a message and select the Google Drive option at bottom.


Phil Sharp, the Gmail product manager asked, “Have you ever tried to attach a file to an email only to find out it’s too large to send?” “Now with Drive, you can insert files up to 10GB – 400 times larger than what you can send as a traditional attachment.” The feature is actually so awesome that is even makes sure that the recipients you’ve selected all have sufficient access rights to the attachment(s) you’ve included. Phil said that, “This works like Gmail’s forgotten attachment detector: whenever you send a file from Drive that isn’t shared with everyone, you’ll be prompted with the option to change the file’s sharing settings without leaving your email. It’ll even work with Drive links pasted directly into emails”.

The feature is currently only available by using Gmail’s new compose format.

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