Facebook Takes Over Entire Microsoft Advertising Suite

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Facebook Takes Over Entire Microsoft Advertising Suite

Facebook purchases Microsoft Atlas to better enable marketers & agencies to measure their advertising ROI

Last year we wrote on the negative perception Facebook was developing among businesses, as many felt the value for the dollar simply wasn’t there (see “Facebook Advertising” tag below). And it was in December of 2012 that rumors began circulating that Facebook was interested in something Microsoft had, and Facebook has now bought it.

The Atlas Advertiser Suite is a Microsoft product that measures media performance”, and Facebook just bought it. Not just use a license to use the application, but the entire Atlas platform itself.

The purchase will assist Facebook in more effectively control and analyze their ad campaigns among their mobile and desktop community of users, but even more than that, the software will assist in data mining ad campaigns for Facebook ad customers, both inside and outside of the Facebook network.

According to Facebook Product Director Gokul Rajaram, Facebook wants to increase their ability to measure advertising data and to assist marketers in seeing the value of advertising on Facebook. By purchasing Atlas, they believe that they can help advertisers analyze their Facebook ads onsite and offsite.

Gokul Rajaram says that “This acquisition allows marketers and agencies to measure the ROI of their campaigns across both Facebook and non-Facebook properties, and across desktop and mobile“.

A Microsoft Communications Director, Tom Phillips, gave the following reason for the sale of Atlas,We needed to sharpen our focus and concentrate on identifying, building and executing on the things that are core to our vision for the future as our entire company transitions to a devices and services model. The continued investment in third party ad serving technology like Atlas, while important, is less of a strategic pillar for our business than it once was.”

Microsoft themselves bought Atlas server in 2007 for 6B. How on earth Facebook grabbed the suite for $100M (or less) is beyond us, but that’s the expected sales figure given by AdAge who first leaked the sale in February of this year.

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