Facebook Strengthens Privacy Awareness for New Users

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Facebook launched an education campaign on safety for new users, with a focus on the initial settings, access to private information and how to decide with whom information is shared.

Facebook, in an ad on Friday, said the new privacy education helps users understand how the issue of sharing on the site works and how they can control what they share. New users will begin to see more prominent and detailed educational privacy information on Friday upon sign-up.

“At Facebook, we’re committed to making sure people understand how to control what they share and with whom,” Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan said, in a statement. “We appreciate the guidance we’ve received from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office as we strive to highlight the many resources and tools we offer to help people control their information on Facebook.”

The idea is to teach you to share content responsibly, keeping control of what is shared and with whom. The expansion campaign of privacy include information on how users select a hearing to share information on their timelines on Facebook, on how they interact with applications, games and other pages about how the ads on the site, how to tag people, etc. Facebook also added privacy controls so that users can select new audiences for their school, college or work.

In May, Facebook updated its privacy policy, pointing to changes including name, profile picture, Timeline cover photo, network, username and gender, saved posts, and data-based advertising campaign.

Facebook is under pressure from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and E.U. officials to protect privacy. And the new privacy guidelines is being questioned by privacy advocates from Center for Digital Democracy..

“CDD believes there is a fundamental disconnect between what Facebook says to its users regarding their privacy and how the platform actually operates and captures user data (including for its social advertising operations),” said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. “Educational tools are often used as a smoke screen to cover up practices, which require scrutiny and regulatory intervention.”

Facebook does not do a good job explaining how the data collected from users, he adds. “Facebook launches for new ways to collect this information and refine their users,” Chester added.

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