Facebook Graph Search: Conduct Searches While In Facebook And Find What Your Friends Like As Well

in Facebook, Social | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 16.01.2013
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Facebook’s new Graph Search feature sets the stage for Facebook’s ability to compete with Google

What brought a majority of the world’s attention to Google many years back was its search engine. Everyone that uses the Internet searches for something or another, and Google stepped in at a time when the process was in need of some great refining. Today social media has peaked user interest and people spend more time going through their social media sites than any other place today. When a user wants to search for something they want more information on though, many simply say “google it”. Doing so often means that users will leave the social media site (or at least put it to the side) and go “google” whatever it is their looking for. Well, Facebook would surely prefer you to stay within their virtual walls and never leave to do such searches. So today, they’ve announced Graph Search.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “This is one of the coolest things we’ve done in awhile,” and that “It’s the kind of product we love to build at Facebook: It’s for a big technology problem and big social problem.”

With Facebook’s Graph Search, not only can you do a simple search to for lets say, restaurants in a specific area, but you can also do a search for restaurants in a specific area that a particular Friend likes.

Facebook Graph Search is in it’s in early stages (Facebook says beta). Although Graph Search is not a Web search at the moment and is designed to view content that people have shared, you can probably expect that to change down the road as well, considering Facebook is surely trying to internalize the whole search process and increase the current $4.2 billion per year they’re currently making from advertising.

Zuckerberg says “It’s going to take years and years to index [the information on Facebook]” .

Facebook is currently trading about $8 per share less than it’s $38 IPO price, but things may get much brighter pretty soon if their new Graph Search feature goes well.

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