Facebook Buys Instagram And Instagram Does The Expected – They Drop Twitter Support

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Facebook obviously doesn’t have Twitter’s best interest in mind, but luckily for Twitter, they were prepared.

For a couple of years Twitter used a a photo-sharing app called Instagram; an application that enabled Twitter users to take their photos and enhance them with various digital filters to optimize and touch them up a bit. Users could then of course share those photos with other users on the Twitter social network. In Q3 of 2012, Instagram had 100 million registered users and it was around that time period that Facebook struck a deal with Instagram. A deal that would cost Facebook roughly $1 billion dollars to acquire the company and give Facebook control of the tiny digital photo company with 13 employees, and their millions of registered users.

In July, not long after the Facebook / Instagram deal, Twitter made a bold move shut down portions of its API access to Instagram, leaving the “Find Friends” portion of Twitter useless for Instagram purposes. This past week, Facebook / Instagram seem to have done their own bit of tweaking by having now pulled the plug on their support for Twitter.

We guess it should be no surprise either that just a couple of weeks ago Instagram users started reporting that their Instagram photos were not properly formatted and even cropped without any user control. Twitter immediately pointed the finger at Instagram as the culprit Twitter basically sums up the entire problem in the first sentence. “Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter.


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Although Facebook’s popularity far supersedes Twitter’s in the numbers game, Facebook and Twitter have been in a heated battle for the top spot in social networking.

Facebook obviously doesn’t have Twitter’s best interest in mind, but luckily for Twitter, they were prepared. Twitter has now partnered with Aviary and officially put out their own set of eight digital imaging filters.

The new Twitter / Aviary Photo Filters application is available for  iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Nokia s40 and can be found here in the Twitter blog.

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