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Facebook takes its Android and iOS app to the next level by adding Voice Messaging services for all Facebook App users

Earlier last year Facebook released Facebook For Android Version 2 giving the Apple iOS a much needed updated app. It did the same for Android in December of 2012 and now has voice as well. One of Facebook’s major claims with the latest Facebook app for both Android an iOS is that it’s “faster than ever”, and so it is. The Facebook app already has a completely retooled news feed, notification feature and a faster Timeline. Now it has also added Voice to Messenger Apps as well.

This past week, Facebook updated their Messenger apps for iOS and Android which gives users the ability to send voice messages. Just push and hold the ‘Record’ button and record voice message. Which is sometimes a far better alternative for people trying to convey short simple instructions, or simple concepts, rather than write things out. If you’re not pleased with whatever you’ve said, just swipe it off, and re-Record. There have been 3rd party apps that have similar voice messaging features as that which Facebook has now implemented. One such app is TalkBox Voice Messaging which is a mobile voice messenger  app that also enables users to exchange voice messages, in addition to publishing the messages. This is Facebook’s own first personal go at a voice messenger though, and the fact that it’s Facebook’s own integrated product means it should be a favorite among Facebook users.

Facebook is also currently working on a VoIP feature that enables users to speak via voice through peer-to-peer connections. Although the new voice messaging system is open to all Facebook app users, currently the VoIP calls are only available to Canadian users.

Click here to get the iOS version of Messenger.

Click here to get the Android version of Messenger.

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