Apple Tops The Most Unwanted Gifts For Christmas?

in Apple, Operating Systems | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 03.01.2013
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Apple may be able to beat the Williams’ sisters in a game of table tennis, but Apple’s ‘return of service’ policy over the past Christmas holiday makes many wonder why Apple may be ‘at fault’

Apple’s popularity is a bit at risk these days as can be well seen by its lack of popularity in tablet sales when compared to Android.  Near the end of 2010, iPad had nearly 90% of the tablet market. Near the end of 2012, it was down to about 50%, sharing the other nearly 50% with Android, but Apple’s lack of popularity seems to have gone to an entirely new level.

A recent news article by a British newspaper recently reported on how “Apple products top list of ‘unwanted’ Christmas gifts as parents get ‘i’ confusion”. According to Experian, online searches for return policies for Apples products grew by 250% on Christmas day. The British report on the Experian analysis was inconclusive in determining why the Apple ‘return’ searches were increased, but assumed that people may have confused the various “i”Products this holiday season and as a result, and purchased the wrong ones for loved ones. Whether or not Apple products were the most unwanted this year though was not founded. Ironically though, Apple products can ‘t be that unwanted by consumers because the Apple store in Paris’s was hit by armed thieves on New Year’s Eve that actually held up the store and robbed it. The store lost about $1,267,110 in products.

In better reports for Apple though it’s now said that Apple is testing their next iPhone 6 along with iOS 7. According to a NextWeb report , developers have begun to see new Apple iPhone hardware and iOS 7 in usage logs. As the report states, “One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new ‘iPhone6,1′ identifier, powered by a device running iOS 7, which is expected to be released by Apple in the middle part of this year. Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 5, bears the identifiers ‘iPhone5,1′ and ‘iPhone 5,2′ depending on the LTE model of the handset and the 4G bands on which it operates.”” Apple is in dire need of iOS image rebuilding after the latest issues with iOS 6. The details on iOS 7 features are still pending release.

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