The Current State of Mobility & How People Are Using It Socially

in Facebook, Mobile, Smartphones, Social | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 29.03.2013
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Mobile; the wave of the present and foreseeable future.

A new report on what we can call, the state of mobility has emerged recently and certainly confirms what most of us see with our own eyes, even without a detailed analysis. Mobile is massive.

A BI analysis team put together a comprehensive report with data taken from research groups including Gartner, IDC, Strategy Analytics and more. The compiled data points to a number of current truths in the changing PC to mobile markets, as well as a number of future mobile predictions based on current trends. The findings can be summarized as such:

* Twice as many mobile devices are being sold as PC’s today with tablets even exceeding mobile phone sales from 2009 to the present (in certain countries).

* PC sales have fluctuated over the last 4 years, but there has practically been no growth in PC sales since 2010.

* Tablets are expected to replace PC’s in sheer number by 2016.

Those first 3 points summarize the fact that mobile devices have clearly changed what people buy. Of course though, with every purchase so too then comes the way in which the device then changes the way in which people live.

A separate report from IDC has provided the latest data on how people are using their mobile devices socially. The 25 page analysis found a number of interesting smartphone usage habits:

* 84% of users time is spent using Internet servics on their smartphone compared to 16% of the time being used for actually talking on it.

* People tend to use their smartphones to read news more than anything else.

* 60% of smartphone users most often use their smartphone in the afternoon (after lunch time).

* Facebook is by far the most used social network even while running errands, while shopping, making meals and even at the gym -and- in fact, it seems as though “the use of social apps is higher during events when we’re socially out”.

It can surely be said that if anyone is looking to “fit in” to an industry that has room for growth, mobile development and mobility accommodations in general (apps, hardware, accessories, etc). are certainly the wave of the present and near future.

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