The Consumption Of Digital Press By Today’s Tablet & Smart-Phone Users

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That was roughly 1.5 years when GfKMRI reported that only 8 million Americans owned e-readers or a tablet (and favored iPad). Today, there are an estimated 33 million tablet owners in America alone.

In a recent article called, “Android, iOS & Windows 8: One Will Lead The Tablet Market In 2013 & Perhaps Beyond“, we discussed how “the tablet market is poised to double its current numbers by 2016″ and how Android is certainly leading the pack. A new report came out today from the Pew Research Center revealing more about tablet use and the demographics of mobile news (it’s consumers and methods of consumption). We’ll focus our report on 4 of the 6 areas the report covered:

* News Consumption on Mobile Devices
* App vs. Browser Use
* The Reading Experience
* iPad vs. Android

When it comes to the overall demographics of mobile news readers, college aged students and younger are more likely to occupy their time with mobile news with “more than 40% of men getting news daily on either their smart-phone and/or tablet, compared with roughly 30% of women”. The younger generations (below 25) typically shun ‘print news’ altogether.

News Consumption On Mobile Devices

SUMMARY: Male users under 50 years of age consume more news on mobile devices.

A separate Pew Research Center report conducted in September confirms this report statistic when it also stated that, “by wide margins, Americans 50 and older continue to rely more on traditional news sources than digital sources. But the differences are more modest among those 25 to 50. And among the youngest Americans – those younger than 25 – substantially more get news digitally than from traditional news sources (60% vs. 43%).”

The Reading Experience

SUMMARY: The report finds that older and younger groups both prefer a ‘print-like’ reading experience.

Although the younger crowd is not in favor of ‘print-news’ in its paper form, both the younger and older groups preferred ‘print-like’ media, when compared to high-tech – but not by a huge margin. “58% prefer a print experience versus 41% higher tech. And that preference toward print tends to hold up across age, gender and other groups.”

App vs. Browser Use 

SUMMARY: Apps are a hard sell.

Just as in our recent article in which The Daily called it quits,  the Pew Research report confirms the fact that the, “the browser remains more popular than apps for getting mobile news, and its popularity has risen over the last year. Roughly 60% of tablet news users and smartphone news users mostly use the browser for news while about a quarter mostly use apps”

iPad vs. Android

SUMMARY: Android users differ in tablet use when compared to iPad users

Although there’s seemingly no end to the amazing rise of the Android and its uprooting Apple as the most popular tablet world-wide, the report does provide some other interesting information as to the differences in the use of the two brands, by their respective users.

More than 50% of iPad users:

* Use it several times per day
* And Send/Receive mail daily

Less than 35% of Android users do either of those.

An average of 43% of iPad users:

* Get news daily
* Use social networks on it daily

Whereas an average of 31.5% of Android users do the same

To view the entire Pew Research Center report, visit

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