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HP Shoots For The Moon With Their Latest Servers

on ARM, Hardware, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Operating Systems | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 07.04.2013

Companies such as HP are taking full advantage of ARM to market servers with reduced size and significant energy saving features.  A quick look at many of our recent articles on declining PC sales…

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The Imminent Rise Of Linux: Canonical’s Ubuntu Kylin For the Republic Of China

on Linux, Operating Systems, Ubuntu | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 04.04.2013

Red Hat may have recently hit over a billion dollars in revenue for the time, but Canonical is certainly on track to make a landmarks of their own in the near future as well….

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The Raspberry Pi Now For Sale In America

on Linux, Operating Systems, Raspberry Pi | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 01.04.2013

Almost entire PC the size of an SD card from which it boots has hit the US shores and they fly out the door As if it weren’t enough for almost an entire computer…

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Linux Supporters In Spain Initiate A Fight Against Microsoft And Their Enforcement of UEFI

on Linux, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Operating Systems, UEFI | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 28.03.2013

The Spanish have good reasons to oppose Microsoft’s mandating that computer hardware vendors implement UEFI A couple of days ago a group comprised of Linux supporting Spaniards filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft. One…

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VNC For Chrome, Tablets And Even The PS3

on Android, Linux, Mobile, Tablet | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 28.03.2013

The future may be in cloud computing, but today the need is still to connect to the desktop Most of us at one time or another have had a need to get to our…

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