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Popular Streaming Service Netflix Arrives in Linux

on Entertainment, Linux, linux desktop, Linux Foundation, multimedia, Operating Systems, Ubuntu, wine | by Saroj | 0 19.11.2012

Despite the reluctance to support playback on Linux by Netflix, it seems, however, you may be able to use Netflix streaming service, while the company has not even officially launched the streaming service through…

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Ubuntu for Android: Your All-In-One Smartphone/PC

on Android, Linux, linux desktop, Mobile, Mobile PC's, Smartphones | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 16.11.2012

Overall, Ubuntu for Android appears to be a good, upcoming smartphone/PC, all-in-one solution. When it comes to Linux, Ubuntu is by far the fastest growing desktop Linux distribution of them all. Canonical has invested…

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HP Is Completely Sold On Linux

on HP, linux desktop, Linux Foundation, linux server | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 14.11.2012

HP customers want its mission critical applications running on Linux and Windows servers At the latest LinuxCon Europe, HP announced that it was making the necessary $500,000 investment needed to become a platinum member…

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Beta Testing of Steam for Linux Started, List of Games for Linux to Grow in Coming Days

on Games, gaming, Linux, linux desktop, Linux Foundation, Linux Gaming, Open Source, Operating Systems | by Saroj | 0 14.11.2012

As promised (although with some delay relative to the earlier target dates), the company Valve has officially announced the launch of a limited beta test of its new Steam client for Linux. As part…

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A New Day Dawns In Linux With The Near Arrival Of E17 (stable)

on Bodhi Linux, Enlightenment E17, Linux, linux desktop | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 16 08.11.2012

If you want less of your system consumed by your desktop and more left to your apps, then E17 is pretty much right near or at the head of that field. – Carsten Haitzler, Enlightenment…

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