Apple’s App Store Sees Record Sales Generated By A Customer Base Willing To Pay For Its Tiny iOS Apps

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Apple sets an astounding record as iTunes reports more than 40 billion downloads and 2 billion downloads from the service in December 2012 alone.

Apple’s iTune service has proven that although Apple may be struggling against Android to maintain its rank in device market share of tablets and smartphones, it surely isn’t having any trouble with its current iOS users shelling out a few dollar for its iOS apps.

In 2008, Apple opened the virtual doors to it’s App Store.Since it’s opening users have now downloaded more than 40 billion apps, but the real clincher is that nearly 20 billion apps were downloaded in 2012 alone, with even the most recent month’s report (December of 2012) recording the largest volume of 2 billion downloads.

Many people have criticized Apple for the high prices they charge for their iOS mobile devices,but it’s quite obvious that when you have a community of users that are willing to dish out some high-end money on mobile devices, such people probably are also much less likely to snicker at putting out a few dollars for quality apps as well.

In fact, Apple claims that its “developer community has created over 775,000 apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users worldwide.”Apple also is fairly good at monitoring the contents of its App Store as well, which tends to lead to lead to consumer confidence in spending. For example, recently Apple rejected an entertainment genre app called “Endgame: Syria” on the basis that it broke the App Store guideline which requires that it’s submitted apps do not “solely target a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity”. Such discerning App Store publication by Apple itself, along with the fact that Apple has a user base of financially capable users willing to pay, have surely helped lead to the record numbers currently being seen by Apples App Store. On a separate note, Android still sells “Endgame: Syria”.

Apple provided some examples of just how well developers can actually do, if they’re able to get their programs into the Apple App Store. Apple claims that “In 2012, the husband and wife team at Imangi Studios saw their game Temple Run downloaded more than 75 million times; Backflip Studios and Supercell, two emerging game development studios, brought in over $100 million combined for their leading freemium titles DragonVale and Clash of Clans”.

Although Apple currently claims it has “over 775,000 apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users worldwide“, Google is not far behind and announced in October of 2012 that it has nearly 700,000 apps downloadable pps from its Google Play app store. It should be noted though that there have been reports of more malware apps from Google Play over recent months. Even most recently in December when the “Android.DDoS.1.origin” was detected and reported on by Russian security firm Doctor Web.

Apple’s complete press release can be viewed here.

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