Apple Fires Richard Williamson, Sr. Director Over iOS Maps, In Another Round Of Top Brass Releases

in Apple | by Jon-Paul Raymond | 0 01.12.2012
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Senior Vice President, Eddy Cue, recently fired an Apple Sr. Director, Richard Williamson. Williamson led the disastrously developed iOS Maps project which was released just some months ago. The firing of Williamson marks the second recent Apple management execution, just following the release of Scott Forstall by Apple CEO Tim Cook, for what many believe was Forstall’s lack of taking responsibility for the iOS Maps projects failure. Tim Cook personally gave a written apology to the world and it seems as though the firing of Williamson may be another way of Tim Cook also saying, ‘We’re doing what we can to get this right’.

Richard Williamson had a fairly extensive past at Apple and began working for it in 2001 as Sr. Software Eng. A few years later he took over as Director of iOS. At the turn of 2012 he took the lead as Sr. Director of iOS Platform Services, a part of which included iOS Maps development which has now ultimately led to his downfall and release from Apple. More can be found out about Richard Williamson through his current Linkedln profile.

An onslaught of complaints came in after the release of iOS Maps and the entire fiasco severely damaged Apple’s iPhone brand reputation. According to Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook saw the iOS Maps problem to be so large that he suggested that customers should even use alternative rival apps, and it appears as though Google stepped right in and do just that. Google immediately began offering a fix for customers discontented with Apple’s map issues. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google began doing tests not long after the maps problem was made public and began “putting finishing touches” on the app in early November. The results still remain to be seen as of this time though.

It doesn’t appear as though Apple has conceded in their attempts to develop a quality map app though. Blomberg has also reported that Apple is now talking with a 3rd party to come in and give them a hand in fixing up their geo-locator problems. Word has it that the popular geo-location expert, TomTom is now assisting them in solving their mapping issues. TomTom is one of the pioneers in geo-location applications.

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